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Counterpoint : (Immortal Symphony Season Two, Serial Novel) : Dorian must now teach Gabriel how to control his magic while Michael pines to be flesh and blood once more. An unusual love triangle forms.

Lessons In Cowboy : Single Novel : North Larkin is a successful country music star. There's only one problem his manager can see: North is anything but a country boy. In the hopes of rectifying this possible snag in North's road to superstardom, his manager finds the Stallings Ranch and convinces Cade Stallings to teach North how to be a real cowboy.

Cade, though, finds the whole thing ridiculous. His son, Ethan, however, convinces him that the money being offered by North's manager would allow them to move out of debt and finally make a profit off the property. Reluctantly, Cade agrees, but he sure as hell didn't have to like it.

Stalemate : (Pawns #1) : Lord Ash, a faerie of the Solar Court, is used to getting what—and who—he wants. His extensive list of conquests is well-known, and faeries from both Courts clamor for his attention. While hosting a delegation from the Lunar Court to celebrate the upcoming Summer Solstice, Ash becomes intrigued by Master Frost, the head scholar for the visiting Lord Mulberry. When Frost rejects his advances, though, Ash's interest in the stoic faerie only intensifies, and he redoubles his efforts to capture Frost's favor.

Frost, meanwhile, becomes increasingly frustrated by Ash's constant attention. His long-buried past has convinced him to wall away his heart and guard his body from passion. He wants nothing more than to be left alone and to return to his home and his books as soon as possible. His gruff demeanor and a stare as cold as his name have always been effective deterrents to unwanted romantic advances, but Lord Ash refuses to be swayed, forcing Frost to resort to stronger forms of rejection.

Slowly, those around the two are unwittingly drawn into their game, manipulated by the pair into an intricate sequence of move and countermove, advance and retreat. But Ash does not give up easily, and his desire for Frost pushes the stakes ever higher, until the very fate of the two Courts hangs in the balance.

WIPS On the Back Burner

Havva & Amiri : (Other Side of Night #2) : Continuing on in the world of Other Side of Night, Havva meets a vampire from Africa who challenges her in every way.

52 Weeks : Single Novel : Aspen is a young man without a plan. He coasts through his life in New York City, working a mundane job, sharing an apartment with three other guys, and going clubbing on the weekends. Thing is, Aspen doesn't like paying for his own drinks, and so, every Friday night, he dolls himself up. Heels, dress, make up, purse. Dressed as a woman, he goes out for a weekend of fun, but never goes home with the men who buy him drinks and dance with him on the floor.

Until a dark-haired, British man named Rhys picks Aspen up at a club one night and takes him home. With a dark promise, Rhys asks for one year of Aspen's life to show Aspen just who--and what--Aspen is. Rhys promises sex, direction, and a job, and Aspen is unable to say no.

Blood Pact : (Deal With A Devil #1) : Five years after the murder of his wife and child, Mason Taylor's life is nothing like it was. When he and his colleagues at the Tampa Police Department failed to apprehend his family's killer, Mason left the force to pursue justice on his own terms as a private investigator. Bitter over his loss and consumed by thoughts of revenge, he even called upon the infernal host and bound a demon named Grey into his service. Now, he walks in a world of shadows and uncertain morals, until the day he can look into the eyes of the man who ruined his life. And kill him.

Land of Nod : (Wanderlust #1) : And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden. - Genesis 4:16

And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch. - Genesis 4:17

But between verse 16 and verse 17, Cain met a woman. A woman whose eyes held the weight of the world and whose heart held an equally powerful grudge against Almighty God.

A woman named Lilith.

Otherworld : Series, 7 books : Matthew wakes one night to the sight of a strange, beautiful creature perched on the foot of his bed. Moonlight is a Sidhe from Otherworld, the land of the Fae, and he has come to collect Matthew. Matthew's father, the Fir Darrig Moss, has been assassinated and his seat on the Fae Council within the Solar Court is now up for grabs.

And, it seems, Matthew's half-brother, the Sidhe Larke from the Lunar Court, very much wants that seat.

Thrown in the world of fairie politics he'd never even dreamed of, Matthew is forced to make choices, friends, and enemies, slowly giving up a mortal life that had once meant the world to him for a fairie life he'd not known existed. Allying himself with the Solar Court, Matthew fights against Larke and his ideals of one Court ruled by him, while falling in love with the sarcastic, witty, and deadly Moonlight.

Polyfidelity : Single Novel : Quinn, Dorian, and Lorelei are in a happy polyamorous triad, until Dorian falls for his stage manager. But Patrick is only now coming to terms with his burgeoning bisexuality and has never considered a non-monogamous relationship. Quinn and Lorelei are initially open to the idea of including Patrick in their family, but when Dorian begins spending more time with Patrick than with his other lovers, they fear that their comfortable life is destroyed forever.

World of Egaea : A fantasy world spanning several continents, starring Elves, Maith, Dragons, Griffins, Varan, Humans, this long-term series of books dips into politics, slavery, love, lust, prophecy, and taboo, all as its inhabitants try to find their place in the world and with each other.