Worth the Rush

The automatic doors of the hospital emergency room opened, blasting Logan with hot air that rendered him temporarily breathless. He staggered for a couple steps before regaining his footing, rushing up to the reception desk. His chilled face tingled in the heat of the room, and he wiped at his nose with his free hand, checking his watch in the process.

11:57. Shit. He only had three minutes to find Kasper.

The night-shift receptionist, Betsy, perked up in her seat at the sight of him. "Mr. Walker!"

"For fuck's sake, Betsy, start calling me Logan," he panted out with a grin. When she opened her mouth to protest, he held up his hand to stop her. Nice girl, but she talked way too much. "No time. Where is he?"

Logan shifted on his feet while she checked her charts, and his eyes kept darting to his watch. It felt like every tick of the second hand was a threat of imminent failure, and she was making it worse by having to check all those papers to give him a simple location. He began to think paging Kasper would be more effective when she finally spoke up. Had it taken her 45 seconds? Fucking hell!

"He just finished resetting a broken femur," she said with a certain detachment while Logan inwardly winced. "Should be in the break room, washing up."

The moment she pressed the button that buzzed him out of the waiting room into the triage, he was off, sprinting through the hallways, passing a long row of curtained cubicles and empty stretchers. He nearly collided with a nurse as he rounded a corner, and he threw a hasty apology over his shoulder as he kept moving, tightening his arm to keep the gift-wrapped package firmly pressed against his side. He burst into the break room through the swinging door, and his eyes immediately honed in on the sole occupant.

Across the room, drying his hands by the sink, was the one he'd been so desperate to find. Kasper looked tired at first glance, shoulders slumped and face drawn tight with stress, but the impact of the swinging door against the wall made him jump and look over, and Logan caught the surprise and joy as they sparked in Kasper's blue eyes. The smile that bloomed on Kasper's features completely transformed him, and Logan couldn't help but grin.

Logan's eyes darted aside, and his adrenaline surged again. The clock on the wall next to Kasper read 11:59, and the second hand was just passing the eleven. Five seconds was just enough time for Logan to close the distance between them, reach up with his gloved hand, and pull Kasper down into a passionate kiss. He thrust his tongue deep into Kasper's willing mouth and felt Kasper instantly wrap warm arms around him and melt into their kiss.

It was short-lived by necessity, but he pulled back with a smirk to triumphantly pant out. "Made it. I fucking made it."

"Made what?" Kasper laughed softly. "You must be chilled to the bone! What the hell are you doing here?"

Logan grinned, combing his fingers through Kasper's short blond hair. "We're always together at midnight on Christmas, dammit! I wasn't going to let your sudden double shift break the five-year tradition."

"You walked all the way over here just to wish me a Merry Christmas?" Kasper frowned. "It's below freezing outside. You shouldn't have risked falling on all the ice out there just for me. I'm–"

"Worth every risk, Kasper," Logan interrupted, his voice firm. His dark blue eyes glinted when Kasper's cheeks flushed. "It was worth slipping and bruising my knees and ass, so long as I got to kiss you and give you this at midnight."

He held out the flat, rectangular box, which had lost a little of its shape on the trek to the hospital thanks to his multiple little slips. If he'd had more time, he wouldn't have rushed and fallen so much, but at least the contents inside were unharmed. It wasn't about the crumpled wrapping and smooshed bow, right?

He watched Kasper gingerly take the box and nodded his assent when Kasper's eyes asked permission to open it. Kasper's nimble fingers went to the seams and carefully undid the tape. The orderly, methodical way Kasper unwrapped presents never failed to amuse and infuriate him, and he laughed, "Oh, come on! It deserves to be ripped open after I rushed over here!"

"This way, the paper can be reused," Kasper argued, and Logan shook his head, knowing it was a battle he would lose if he chose to fight it yet again. The paper was neatly set aside and the box opened, and the light in Kasper's eyes was priceless. The box joined the discarded wrapping paper, and Kasper ran his hands over the smooth, leather cover of the book before flipping through the empty, lined pages. "A journal."

"The one you were eying last week when we went window shopping," Logan stated proudly. "Something you can write a little in every day like Dr. Kerill suggested ages ago. You can put your private thoughts in there, and I promise not to get nosy. If you want to share what you write, you know I'll love it, but this journal's yours."

Kasper hugged the journal to his white medical coat and pulled Logan close for a kiss. This time, Logan was able to deepen it slowly, draw it out into the intimate expression of love he'd been too breathless to give before.

"Thank you," Kasper whispered when their lips parted.

Logan's whole being felt warmer, almost as if he hadn't spent the last hour rushing through icy streets. It was moments like this, filled with Kasper's quiet sort of joy, that made the holidays worthwhile. He'd never felt this with his mom or when he'd get the indifferent Christmas cards from his dick of a father. Kasper was the one who melted Logan's heart with a simple glance. He'd give any number of gifts for the rest of his life just to see that happiness in Kasper's eyes.

He was about to kiss Kasper again when the intercom beeped and a nurse's voice paged Dr. Kasper Bromley to the ER. Kasper groaned softly, pressing closer, and Logan laughed and kissed him, enjoying a few more seconds together before pulling back.

"I'll see you back home in a couple hours?" Logan murmured. Kasper nodded solemnly, and Logan nudged him. "Don't get all down in the dumps. I have a very different leather gift waiting in the playroom for when you get back." He delighted in the way Kasper shuddered. "Merry Christmas, Kas," he purred, groping his lover's ass before quickly retreating out the swinging door, laughing at the needy moan that chased after him.

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