Cold Moon

Aaron rushed into the coffee house from the snow and brushed off his coat with gloved hands. God, it was fucking freezing outside, and he was late! That meeting with his damn boss had gone an hour longer than he'd expected, and even though it had been out of his control, he hated how rattled he still got when his plans were disrupted.

He looked almost frantically around the room, taking it all in within an instant. His heart was still pounding from rushing through the snow. He'd chosen a cozy coffee place near his apartment rather than the one next to his work building, thinking he'd have time to run home and change, but he'd had to come straight here, and parking had been a real bitch. He was damned lucky that his date—no, his friend, rather—hadn't up and left half an hour ago.

Aaron unwound his scarf as he crossed to the table in the far corner. "I'm so sorry I'm late," he panted, and when he saw Travis' frown, he had the overwhelming urge to get on his knees to beg forgiveness from the man who had been his Dom every weekend for the last four months. "The meeting went late, and I couldn't get away."

"Don't grovel, Aaron," Travis ordered after a few seconds, the corners of his mouth quirking upwards. "We aren't in scene, and I have a feeling you do enough of it with that boss of yours."

Aaron felt his cheeks heat, but the words seemed specifically designed to prod his temper, and they worked like a charm. He crossed his arms, squaring his jaw. "I'm just glad you didn't leave, all right? I'm usually anal about being on time."

Travis looked down at his wristwatch and tsked, "An hour late. What did you want to get together about?"

Aaron sat and stalled by taking his gloves off, shoving them into his coat pocket, and easing out of his coat. He rested his forearms against the table. It was the first time Travis had seen him in a work suit. In a way, it was a bit more personal and casual than they had been with one another.

He swallowed and cleared his throat. "We've fucked around a lot and enjoyed over a dozen scenes now, but we've been really careful not to cross the line and learn more about one another's lives," he began.

Travis just stared at him from his reclined position across the table, that small smile gradually growing into a grin, and it made him fumble with his words for a moment before just spitting it out, coming straight to the point. "Would it fuck things up if we crossed that line and became lovers instead of just Dom and sub?"

The way Travis leaned forward in his seat now made it clear to Aaron that he'd at least gotten Travis' attention. His heart raced as Travis ran a hand through his loose, black hair. "What do you know about me, Aaron?"

The question was not the one he expected, and he frowned. "Outside of details in scene? You're part Native American, you're mom died about seven years ago, and you call your grandma ahksote or something like that."

Travis grinned. "Aksótha. I'm surprised you remember that." He paused for a moment, lacing his fingers together on the tabletop. "You really want to get to know me better?"

Aaron nodded slowly. "We both know we have similar sexual tastes. We do more than just scene when you come over, and I like that. We both enjoy other subs on occasion, and I'm cool with that, but I want to know if there's something deeper to what we've got." He felt a light blush creep up onto his cheeks. "I want to snatch you up before some other guy does."

Travis chuckled, and it was that deep sound that always made Aaron's toes curl when they were in a more intimate setting. "To answer your first question, no, I don't think it would fuck things up. But," he said, holding up his hand to stop Aaron from speaking, "I also think that I know a shitload more about you than you do about me. I could name every member of your family just because I have eyes and have been to your apartment. You want to learn more about me?"

Aaron nodded.

"Then come with me to the Cold Moon ceremony."

"Cold Moon?" Aaron blinked, but his curiosity was piqued, knowing this was part of Travis' heritage. He smiled and clapped his hands together. "Sure. That sounds cool. When's this ceremony?"

Travis smirked. "Tonight."

Aaron's eyes widened. "You want to take me to your traditional ceremony tonight? With me in my business suit?"

"Yeah, and if we're going, we'd better start driving. It's at least a two hour trip from here."

Aaron shook his head in disbelief and laughed. This was fucking crazy, but he'd asked to learn more, right? How could he possibly refuse? "I guess I'm calling in sick tomorrow. There's no way I'm driving back for work in the morning." He grinned and pulled his coat on again. They both stood, and he stepped close, pulling Travis into a heartfelt kiss. "So can I stay at your place tonight?"

Travis snorted. "My place is here. We'll be staying at my grandmother's place tonight."

"No sex, then?" Aaron asked, feigning disappointment.

Travis laughed and pulled on his own coat and scarf before wrapping an arm around Aaron's shoulder. "We'll make up for it over the weekend. Deal?"

"Deal," Aaron agreed with a grin, letting Travis lead him out into the snowy streets.

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