The Twinkle of a Life

Characters: Quinn, Dorian, Lorelei, Patrick
Origin: Polyfidelity (WIP)
Advent Day: Day 29 (December 25th)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3,599


Patrick grinned like a madman as he turned his wrist back and forth, loving the way the light glinted off the surfaces of his Omega watch.

"It's not a Rolex, but—"

"It's perfect, Lorelei," Patrick insisted. "God, it's the best watch I've ever owned. I know it cost a mint, too." Just like the other big gifts they had all contributed to in order to get something special for everyone. Quinn was still rubbing his hands over the beautiful, leather-bound law volumes they had bought him. Lorelei had wept five full minutes when she'd opened the box containing her brand new brushed copper KitchenAid mixer with every attachment imaginable. And Dorian... Well, Dorian was looking at his American Ballet Theatre membership card like he was going to make sweet, passionate love to it.

"Should we leave you two alone?" Patrick teased, poking Dorian's side with his toes and watching his lover twitch on the floor.

"Shut up. It's just... so beautiful," Dorian purred. "It means watching Giselle, going to exclusive events, dress rehearsals of some of the best dancers in the country."

Lorelei leaned over and kissed Dorian's cheek softly. "You're adorable."

"I'm just glad he likes it," Quinn said with a chuckle.

"Why wouldn't he have liked it?" Patrick gave Quinn a nudge with his shoulder.

Quinn nudged him back. "Who knows with Dorian? He's a moody Broadway baby."

Dorian flushed, giving them all a silly smile. "I'm not on Broadway yet."

"You will be," Lorelei assured Dorian. "We all know it."

"One dream come true at a time. I've met my quota for the year," Dorian grinned at Patrick specifically, and then Quinn and Lorelei. Reaching up, he tugged a lock of Lorelei's red hair, pulling her down for another kiss.

Patrick raised an eyebrow at the way Dorian shifted and stretched out on the rug, moaning softly into that kiss. He leaned close to Quinn. "Do you think he's doing that on purpose?" he asked, licking his lips, unable to look away from Dorian's body.

Quinn chuckled softly. "Dorian is many things, but subtle is not one of them."

It had been a long, trying year for all of them, but Patrick was settling in finally. At first, he'd worried he wouldn't fit into their lives, but he had. Somehow, they'd made him a part of their family. Patrick wanted to think it had been effortless. It had felt like it some of the time. But, they'd all had their moments, their jealousies and needs. They'd assured him those issues would crop up again in the future, but they'd all promised one another to be honest about the feelings. Nothing could be fixed if no one opened their mouths.

Though Dorian was opening his mouth quite a lot at the moment. His hands moved over Lorelei's nightgown-encased body with zeal. Patrick's cheeks tinted pink as Dorian hiked the gown up, cupped Lorelei's ass through her panties. He had to look away, or else his cock was going to become way too hard to ignore.

"You don't like what you see?" Quinn murmured near Patrick's ear.

"It's... not that," Patrick whispered. "You know I think they're fucking gorgeous."

"What is it, then?" Quinn crooned, his deep voice sending shivers down his spine. "Thinking about touching them? Touching me? 'Tis the season..."

Patrick smiled. "To grope and tumble with your three lovers?"

"Perhaps," Quinn laughed softly, nipping his earlobe. "I meant, 'tis the season to celebrate what sees you through the harsh, cold times. Love, family, hope for the future."

Dorian squirmed on the floor, drawing Patrick's gaze. "So, when I say I want you to get your asses down here and rock me around the Christmas tree, it's 'cause I want to make my Yuletide gay... and celebrate love, hope, and family."

Lorelei laughed, giving Dorian a light slap. "Could you been any cheesier?"

"I'm sure he could try," Patrick laughed. Then, he looked at Quinn. "So, now we're going to strip and fuck by the warm light of the Christmas tree?"

Quinn cupped Patrick's cheek, brushed their lips together. "No. We're going to undress each other, kiss, touch, and make amazing love by the warm light of the Christmas tree."

When Quinn spoke like that, Patrick's insides turned to jelly. Before Dorian and Quinn, he'd only wondered about loving men, but now that he had them, he never wanted to let go. "Kiss me?" he breathed.

"Of course," Quinn murmured, cupping his face and drawing their lips together. It started light and sweet, but Quinn effortlessly deepened it. Quinn's hand moved from his face to his neck, and down the collar of his shirt. It felt like his shirt melted open of its own accord, and he distantly wondered how the hell Quinn learned to unbutton a shirt so smoothly. The answer didn't seem important when Quinn tugged his shirt free from his pajama bottoms. Those hands slid up his skin to tease at his nipples, and he moaned loudly.

"Need a little help?" Lorelei offered.

"Those pajamas do look terribly uncomfortable." Dorian's voice was much closer than before, and the firm rub to his cock through his pajama bottoms couldn't have been anyone else.

Being the utter focus of the three of them was overwhelming, but Patrick rolled with it. He moaned as Lorelei slid his sleep shirt off to join her nightgown on the floor. Patrick let his hands roam over the bare expanse of Quinn's chest. He loved the warm feel of Quinn's body, the broad expanse of flesh and muscle. Patrick had never thought Quinn looked like a lawyer, though Dorian always teased Quinn about being the poster child for law firms.

Quinn kissed him until he was hard and breathless, and by that time, he'd been stripped. Dorian's body was firm against his side, and Patrick watched Quinn pull Lorelei into kiss. God, he thought they were beautiful. Lorelei's lush body and fiery hair, and Quinn's strong arms and arresting features. It made his heart ache to be a part of this, a part of them.

"You all right?" Dorian asked, lips trailing up Patrick's throat.

Patrick turned to Dorian, eyes hungry and dark. "I've never felt better," he moaned, and then took Dorian's mouth in a searing, wet kiss.

Dorian moaned and practically crawled up into his lap. He ran his hands down Dorian's back, loving that perfect taper of muscles brought on by years of dancing. His fingers moved from waist to ass, and when he gave it a squeeze, Dorian gasped back from the kiss. "Gods, yes."

"Hey," Lorelei pouted. "You see that, Quinn? Stole him right under our noses."

"We'll have to steal him back later," Quinn chuckled, and a shift of his arm and hand made Lorelei squeak and shudder. "I have my hands full."

Patrick glanced over to see Lorelei spread out on the floor, Quinn's mouth at her breast while his hands worked her panties off. He moaned, turning back to Dorian, his hands massaging Dorian's ass. "You want to feel a cock up your gorgeous ass today?" he asked, nipping at Dorian's chin.

"I want whatever everyone else wants," Dorian panted, rubbing himself shamelessly against Patrick. "Whatever configuration, I'll be spectacularly happy."

Quinn pulled off Lorelei's nipple with a wet sound, and she cried out, arching against the carpet as Quinn sank two fingers inside her. "Lorelei's wonderfully wet." His blue eyes turned to Patrick and Dorian. "What do you want, Patrick? Our first Christmas morning together, what do you want?"

Patrick flushed. "Your cock in my ass." Quinn had been his first, and he still had a soft need for the elder man he hoped would never fade. "Lorelei beneath me... and Dorian's cock in my mouth." He flushed, wondering if it was too selfish, too much to ask of them. "I mean, if everyone else would like that, too, for a start." He was not so naïve as to think they wouldn't go for a second... or third round throughout the day, all of them tasting one another in some varied way or another.

Dorian grinned at him. "And you thought you'd never be able to imagine all four of us together at once." He brought his hand to his collarbone, making a show out of tearing up. "I'm so proud!"

Quinn laughed. "That sounds amazing, a wonderful start to our morning." Quinn adjusted his glasses and looked down at Lorelei. "What do you say, Rory? Do you want Patrick's thick cock stretching you open?"

"How many times have I told you to not call me Rory?" Lorelei asked, slapping Quinn's hip.

"About as many times as I've called you it?" Quinn kissed her. "So? You want Patrick's cock?"

Lorelei flushed, and with her pale skin, it was vibrant and beautiful. "Yes," she said, glancing at Patrick. "I want his cock inside."

Quinn motioned to Dorian. "Go grab the lube and a handful of condoms, pretty boy."

"That means moving." Dorian pouted for a moment and wiggled on Patrick's lap. He was smiling an instant later, though, and with a quick kiss, he hopped off Patrick and practically danced his way back into their bedroom.

Patrick watched him with a grin, admiring the sight until Dorian disappeared around the corner. He looked down to see Quinn already offering him his hand. "Get down here," Quinn ordered, though the words carried no sting, just that quiet authority he'd always admired.

"Join us," Lorelei insisted, beckoning with her own hand. "I still owe you a million kisses for the mixer."

"With all the hints you were dropping, it wasn't a hard gift to choose," Patrick said, laying out beside her. He kissed Lorelei softly as Quinn moved down her body, spread her legs wide. She cried out into their kiss a second later, and Patrick pulled back to moan. "Tasting you?" he asked, breathless, eyes on Lorelei's blushing face.

"Yes!" Lorelei gasped. "God, Quinn, your tongue..."

Patrick chuckled, his hand massaging one breast, teasing the nipple, as his mouth sought the other. "Quinn is great with his mouth."

"I learned from Dorian," Quinn murmured, and then a low, muffled moan lilted up to Patrick, and Lorelei arched, pushing her chest against Patrick's mouth.

"He going to make you come?" Patrick asked, nipping and sucking her nipple while his fingers played with the other.

Lorelei whimpered, one hand in Quinn's hair, the other clinging to Patrick. "Yes!"

Patrick could easily feel the tension in her body, the way her muscles clenched, her breath caught. She was gorgeous, her pale skin flushed down to the tips of her breasts. He tugged at a nipple with his teeth, twisted the other between his fingers, and watched her. Waited. It was something he'd grown to love, the arousal just watching Lorelei come could spark.

She gasped twice, and her nails dug into Patrick's shoulder. Quinn's head moved quickly, and Patrick's cock twitched at every wet sound that made it to his ears. God, he just wanted to sink into her, make her scream for him. In moments, Lorelei bucked and gave a choked cry, her limbs twitching uncontrollably as her climax washed through her. Patrick closed his eyes, moaned against her breast, and let the sounds of her pleasure and Quinn's enthusiastic attention to her pussy.

"God, that's fucking beautiful."

Patrick looked up and shuddered. Dorian was leaning against the edge of the hallway, lube and condoms in one hand while the other pumped his cock. He looked like sex and seduction incarnate, and it just made Patrick all the more eager to taste him, to push into Lorelei, to feel Quinn take him. "You planning on just watching?" he asked, astonished that the words made it out with how breathy his voice already was.

Dorian pushed off the hallway wall and stalked closer. "I'll do anything you want."

"Anything?" Patrick wondered if any of them could hear how loud his heart was pounding.

"Anything," Dorian assured him, dropping to his knees beside Patrick.

Quinn kissed his way up Lorelei's squirming body. "Dorian is so flexible."

Lorelei laughed breathlessly. "You love... his flexibility."

"We all do," Patrick murmured, pulling Dorian against him. "And I can't wait to see some of it in action in a moment." Patrick let his tongue snake out and lick sensually at Dorian's lovely lips.

"You have some crazy position planned?" Dorian asked with a shaky moan, dropping the lube and condoms in order to hold onto him.

Quinn recovered the dropped items and smacked Dorian's ass. "Butterfingers."

"Just have better things to do with my hands," Dorian breathed, arching for a kiss from Quinn as his hands wrapped around Patrick's cock and stroked.

Patrick groaned, pressing up into Dorian's hand. "Fuck," he moaned.

"I know," Lorelei purred. "They're just so lovely together." She pushed Dorian's hand away from Patrick's cock, and the snatched up a condom. "I want you inside."

Quinn grinned against Dorian's lips. "She's as impatient as you."

"Shut up and kiss me again," Dorian demanded with a tug to Quinn's hair.

Patrick laughed and spanked Dorian's ass until the dancer shifted over to Quinn's very capable hands. The two of them were erotic as all get out, but the sight of Lorelei taking hold of his cock and rolling a condom down the length of him is what made his cock positively ache. "Eager?"

"Just as eager as you," Lorelei laughed, squeezing and stroking him through the condom.

Patrick rolled over, slipping between Lorelei's spread legs. "You think I'm eager?" he asked, nudging her moist opening with his cock.

"I know it," Lorelei gasped, pressing down against him.

"Yeah, I am." Patrick surged forward, filling Lorelei in one, smooth thrust. She was always so damn hot, so wet, and a moan rumbled through him. "God, Rory, you feel so damn good."

Lorelei's fingers tangled in his hair as she pulled him down for a kiss. "So do you," she whimpered, parting her lips and sliding her tongue into his mouth.

He could hear Dorian and Quinn moaning behind him, but all that mattered in those moments was Lorelei, the softness of her beneath him, around him. She loved him. He could tell in the way she would smile at him, the way her cheeks would flush when he'd compliment her, the way she'd go out of her way to surprise him with his favorite foods when he was stressed out about a production at work. And he had been so afraid of loving her while loving Dorian. He'd thought his heart would rip into pieces under the stress, but even after all the trials, it hadn't broken; it had just expanded. He just hoped it came across in his own actions, his kisses, and the tender way he thrust into Lorelei again and again.

Hands moved along his back, and his eyes closed. Patrick shuddered under those strong hands. He knew those hands. "Quinn."

"Right here," Quinn purred in that damn sexy voice right near his ear. "I'm going slick and spread you while you love Rory."

Lorelei cried out, and Patrick opened his eyes to the vision of Dorian sucking and pinching Lorelei's breasts. His eyes focused on Dorian's cock, thick and dark, and his mouth positively watered. "Yes," he hissed as Quinn's lubed fingers sank into his ass. "Want you all... love you all."

"We love you, too," Dorian replied an instant later. The quick response made everyone smile. Dorian had always been so focused on action. It was wonderful to see him finally trying to say the words instead of just letting everyone assume his feelings. "Well, we do," he insisted with a laugh at everyone's smiles and silence.

"Of course we do," Quinn chuckled, curving his fingers just right inside Patrick.

Patrick threw his head back and cried out, pushing deep into Lorelei. Her nails raked down his chest as she whined, her thighs tense against him. "God, help me!"

"I don't think that will be necessary," Quinn said, lips trailing up and down Patrick's back. "I love how tight you are."

A flush stole over his cheeks as Patrick met Dorian's eyes. "So I'm a tight ass?"

Dorian grinned, twisting Lorelei's nipples so she writhed beneath Patrick. "You know it."

"But tight means I'll fit so perfectly," Quinn purred, nipping at the ridge of Patrick's spine. Those fingers were gone just long enough for Quinn to grab a condom and lube, and then Quinn's cock was pressed to his hole.

His body protested for a few seconds, but when he forced himself to exhale slowly, Quinn took advantage and pushed inside with a careful, steady thrust. It forced a ragged cry from him, feeling that fullness after nearly a week on the giving end rather than receiving, but it was good, so good. Quinn took his time, gave him a moment to adjust before making small thrusts, setting a pace that rocked him perfectly into Lorelei.

Lorelei craned her neck, licked and sucked at his throat, and Patrick thought he would go mad with the pleasure. He moaned, lashes fluttering, and he eagerly moved back against Quinn before thrusting forward into Lorelei. Their sounds, their smells, they made his heart race, and then the wet tip of Dorian's cock nudged his lips. He looked up. Dorian was straddling Lorelei's face, and her mouth was around his balls, sucking and pulling at him, and Dorian's groans only encouraged Patrick.

"Open up," Dorian murmured. "Gods, Patrick, please..."

Patrick parted his lips and sucked the plump head of Dorian into his mouth. He shuddered. Everything swam in his head. Quinn in his ass, Lorelei around his cock, and Dorian pushing deeper into his mouth and throat. God, he wanted more. Anything. Everything. He was utterly theirs. An extension of their pleasure, their need, and he didn't hesitate for a moment to give them all every piece of him.

"Oh, fuck," Dorian panted, and his fingers tightened in Patrick's hair. "Can't... stop myself..."

Patrick only had a moment to prepare himself before his mouth was flooded with Dorian's come, and he drank the release down, sucked even after he'd swallowed the last drop. It pulled loud cries from Dorian, cries that only served to make his own cock twitch as he thrust back and forth between Lorelei and Quinn.

"Keep sucking," Dorian begged, tugging at his hair until he complied. "Yeah. Gods, yeah, just like that. Fuck, Patrick!"

Quinn groaned behind Patrick. "You're incorrigible."

"You know how good his mouth feels!" Dorian jerked, pushed his cock deep, and Patrick rode out the movement expertly. It had taken him months to do it, but now that he could, he relished the power it gave him. "And Rory's mouth on my balls and ass only makes it that much harder."

"Want me to stop?" Lorelei panted.

Dorian whimpered. "No."

"Didn't think so," she said with a breathy laugh.

Quinn's tongue moved along Patrick's ear, his hands firmly around Patrick's waist. "Reach between you and Lorelei," he murmured. "Make her scream against Dorian's ass."

Patrick moaned around Dorian and sucked fiercely as he reached down, following Quinn's orders without pause. He found Lorelei's clit and circled it twice, loving the way the slightest touch made Lorelei buck and squirm. Quinn's pace altered, deepening and speeding up, and he just about spent himself then and there. Only sheer willpower held him back, the need to bring everyone else pleasure before himself.

His fingers rubbed faster at Lorelei's clit, and it only took a few of those deep thrusts from Quinn, driving him deep inside her, before she screamed, clawing at Dorian, who cried out and bucked into Patrick's throat. It was a chain reaction, all of their bodies connected, all of their pleasures intertwined.

Lorelei came, squeezing around him in that beautiful way of hers, and Quinn's low groan and deep thrust signaled his end. It was all Patrick needed for his own release. He trembled between Lorelei and Quinn, his come flooding the condom. The pleasure simply seared through him, and his throat went lax, allowing Dorian to push so fucking deep as he came a second time.

Patrick swallowed in order not to choke, and he felt completely, thoroughly debauched and loved. The twinkle of the Christmas lights on the tree, the scent of pine and sex, and the sounds of his lovers were all burned into his memory. This moment—inside Lorelei, Quinn deep inside him, and Dorian's cock plugging his throat—was a moment of thorough possession. He was home. He was where he would always belong.

Dorian slowly pulled out, left him gasping, and cupped his face. He blinked slowly, dazedly, as Dorian's face came into focus. It was when Dorian's thumbs brushed over his damp cheeks that he realized he'd shed tears in those final moments. Dorian smiled faintly, eyes deep and full of the love he so rarely spoke aloud.

"You all right?" Dorian whispered.

Patrick swallowed thickly. "Yeah. Just... realizing how perfectly I fit with the three of you."

Quinn hugged him tightly from behind. "It took you this long to figure it out?"

Lorelei's hands moved over his chest and shoulders. Quinn held him close. And Dorian... Dorian's lips pressed to his, and Patrick thought his heart would shatter under the pressure of love he felt for the three of them. But it didn't. Nothing broke. Everything was whole and right, and Patrick laughed into Dorian's kiss.

"No," Patrick said, closing his eyes as he savored his life. "Took me this long to accept it."

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