The Cat Will Play

Characters: Eldan, Falynn, Dax
Origin: World of Egaea (WIP)
Advent Day: 21 (December 17th)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 4,122


The wind was frigid, more than enough to stop an ordinary Maith in his tracks and make them wonder what the hell they were doing atop a mountain in the middle of a blizzard at the height of the winter storm season. Then again, Dax wasn't an ordinary Maith. He loved the way the air stung his eyes and sent a chill through him with each breath. His thick fur puffed up to protect him from the worst of the chill as he bounded from powdery snow to uneven boulder to ice bank, working his way up the steepest part of the mountain. Any misstep on these treacherous slopes would be disaster, but he'd learned quickly to trust his instincts up here. His broad tail flicked to the side as he dug his claws into the ragged surface of a cliff edge, balancing his body weight until he could leap the rest of the way up.

Dax panted, the warm puffs crystallizing in the air, and his body shivered with adrenaline and happiness at finishing his climb. He ran the length of the small embankment toward the flicker of light in the darkness, the hint of warmth that beckoned him home. The moment he managed to scramble under the outcropping of rock and into the cave, he was pounced by three spotted balls of fluff. With a yip and growl, he grappled with the snow kittens, laughing as he made his way over to the fire and the two pairs of blue eyes that watched him so closely.

The cave had become home. It wouldn't be home forever, but for now, it was as home to Dax as the den he'd shared in the feral-Maith camp with his fathers in Sephryn. He grinned at his companions, Eldan and Falynn. Eldan, such a beautiful, regal Ice Elf, only chuckled at him, shaking his head a little. Falynn, though, watched him with large, haunted eyes. Even now, the Water Elf's past nipped at their heels, required patience Dax hadn't yet developed. Only nineteen, he had so much left to learn! He flopped down by the fire, purring softly, his tail swishing back and forth as the heat began to melt the snow on his fur.

"Did you have fun, kitten?" Eldan asked. "Exhaust yourself?"

Dax laughed. "Exhaust myself? Hardly. It's wonderful outside!"

"It's a blizzard," Falynn pointed out. "Cold, windy, and wet."

Eldan nudged Falynn. "Who ever heard of an Elf from the House of Water not loving water?"

Dax shook his fur out, sending water droplets flying, but Falynn was quick. Falynn's hand flew up, magic shivered along Dax's senses, and the water was held still in the air, caught by Falynn's magic. "I do love water, Eldan." With a flick of his hand, he sent the water flinging back at Dax. "I'm just not fond of freezing water."

The sudden splash of water made Dax tense and sputter. "Hey! I have to get dry!"

"There are towels," Falynn insisted, pointing to a pile of cloth that had been set out by the fire. "Use them."

Dax stuck his textured tongue out at Falynn, but laughed as he reached across Eldan and Falynn for the towels, his tail fwapping into Falynn in the process.

Falynn cried out and gave a light thwap to Dax's tail. "Dax!"

Dax blushed as he pulled back, Eldan's laughter making his ears twitch. "Sorry! It's the tail. It has a mind of its own."

"I thought your father could control his," Falynn said as he swiped at the wetness along his shirt. "Didn't Nahele teach you to control the thing?"

Dax's ears drooped, and he reached out with the towel, drying the patches of wetness from Falynn's shirt and trousers. "He tried. Papa said I would learn in my own time."

Eldan's fingers found one of Dax's weak spots and began scritching. "It's all right, kitten. Falynn is just in a foul mood because the snow kittens tore through his favorite cloak. Keegan was right. In time, you'll learn the control. We will help however we can."

Dax perked up a little, flashing Eldan a smile before nudging Falynn affectionately with his cold nose. "No wonder the snow kittens were happy to see me. They must be counting on me to make amends." Eldan's hand shifted to another spot along his spine, and he practically melted, a rolling purr rumbling out of him. "I can make amends, can't I, starfish?"

"You're just buttering me up so I'll help groom you."

"But you like grooming me." Dax's voice trilled as he spoke, his tongue darting out to scrape over Falynn's lips. He had the most beautiful, full lips Dax had ever seen. Falynn's eyes took on that dark color, the scent of arousal rising around him to fill Dax's nose. It was Falynn's centuries as a lust slave, Dax knew, that ensured a little lick to that gorgeous mouth led to full arousal. It thrilled Dax as much as it saddened him, but he gave Falynn a sultry smile. "You like grooming me as much as I like grooming you."

Dax moved down some and drew his rough tongue up the pale curve of Falynn's throat, and the deep moan his lover made went straight to his own cock. Falynn's hand came up, cupped the back of his head, and pulled their lips close.

"By the gods, Dax, how do you do it?" Falynn breathed against Dax's lips. "How do you make my heart pound so?"

"Love," Dax said with a smile. "Love instead of ownership. Just like the way Eldan's gaze from across the room can make either of us weak in the knees."

Eldan took one of the towels from his grip and began patting Dax's fur dry with a chuckle. "Technically, I do still own him, but that isn't what keeps us together, is it, starfish?"

Eldan's small hand brushed past Dax's face to Falynn's, pulling Falynn's hair back before trailing down Falynn's long, unadorned neck. Dax knew what had been there. The collars of the Water Slaves were as brutal as they were beautiful, and he had heard stories about the sheer amount of magic Eldan had used just to break the spell of the collar. It amazed him how every simple touch between Eldan and Falynn held such meaning, such history.

Falynn's cheeks tinted red. "No. It never was." He smiled, and Dax thought Falynn stunning when he smiled. "You bought me, but never owned me. Not like the others."

"Help me dry off our kitten, and then he can see to your grooming," Eldan said. "I think we could all use some thorough, intense grooming, don't you, kitten?"

Dax's silvery blue eyes lit up, and butterflies fluttered in his stomach. "Very thorough." He wasted no time, dipping immediately to Falynn's neck to lick broadly over fragrant skin while pawing at the ties of Falynn's warm clothing. Out of all of them, Falynn was the most warmly dressed, and if he wanted to get to Falynn's skin, he had to work through several layers.

"Patience, kitten," Eldan laughed from behind him. "Don't join the ranks of the snow kittens by shredding more of Falynn's clothing."

Falynn moaned. "You ruin the clothing, Dax, and I will take a switch to your hide."

A switch? Oh, that made images just race through Dax's head. And Falynn disciplining him? Dax hadn't seen all that much dominance from Falynn in their short time together, but Eldan did say it was there, buried, waiting for the right times to come forward. "If I shred it, knowing that anyway?"

"Then there will be no more grooming from me until we return to the palace," Falynn warned, eyes glittering with lustful amusement. His fingers helped Dax remove layer after layer, slowly and gently. "Please don't make me do that, kitten. You wouldn't want Eldan to be given all the grooming and pent up magic from me, would you?"

A needy whine escaped Dax. "No, I wouldn't." His heart pounded as the expanse of Falynn's chest was finally revealed, and he all but dove forward, lavishing attention onto one of Falynn's nipples with licks and flicks from the tip of his tongue. When Eldan's hands were replaced with a grooming brush, he couldn't help but moan and arch up into the sensation of the bristles working through his thick fur. The supportive fabric at his groin suddenly felt far too tight.

Eldan's voice was rich and musical. "Such enthusiasm. I think you might exhaust us in your youth."

Dax shifted, his tail shivering as he pushed up into the strokes of the brush while nipping at Falynn's nipple. Falynn's hands dove into his hair and the fur along his shoulders, and the quiet sounds of pleasure made Dax's blood boil. His purr was loud, at least to him, and he shimmied his hips, but all Eldan did was brush at his fur. He lifted his head, growling with desire. "Eldan..."

"Hmm?" The teasing made Dax's next growl deeper, louder. "Is there something you want, kitten?"

Falynn had managed to squirm out of all those layers, his body bared to Dax's hungry eyes. "Eldan!"

"Say what you want," Eldan ordered, the words gentle but insistent.

It was a challenge, one that Eldan often put to him. Part of him wanted to be petulant and put up a fight just to be stubborn, but desire always won out, and now was no exception. "I want you to pull my loin cloth off and stretch me wide with your fingers so I can ride Falynn raw." Eldan's and Falynn's gasps made him smirk, and he pulled away from Falynn's chest to glance over his shoulder at Eldan. "Any questions?"

Eldan's tongue darted out to wet his lips. "Where do I fit into this equation?"

"You'll fit perfectly in my mouth." Dax grinned, flashing his sharp teeth. "I'm supposed to be grooming you, remember?"

Falynn's fingers moved down Dax's chest, tweaked a nipple. "If we position our king just right, you can groom his cock as I groom his sac."

"Starfish," Eldan moaned. "You'll undo me long before our kitten ever touches my shaft."

A wicked smile curved Falynn's lips. "Then enough talk. Time for pleasure."

Dax couldn't get another word in; Falynn's magic was an intoxicating force. It curled around him like a lewd caress, stoking the fire of his passion into a blaze. He never quite knew what Falynn's magic was summoning in him, but something told him every touch would be twice as intense but not push him over the edge until Falynn decided they were all ready. For all his submission, Falynn held both him and Eldan in the palm of his hand.

With a ragged groan, he fell forward again, kissing Falynn deeply while his hands kneaded at Falynn's chest, his claws scraping over nipples, confident that Falynn would enjoy the hint of roughness. Eldan shifted closer to him, and the fabric of his loin cloth fell away, releasing the pressure on his cock, allowing the length to hang heavily between his legs.

The bristles of the grooming brush returned and moved down his back to his tail, and Eldan cupped his tail with his other hand, tugging it just the way he liked. It sent a thrill through him and a groan out of his purring throat. "Fuck, Eldan! You make me so fucking hot, the both of you. Make me want to rut all night long, 'til I'm spent and sore."

Falynn's lush lips pressed against his again while Eldan pushed Dax forward. Falynn traced Dax's lips with his tongue. "All night long," he promised. "I'll make sure of it, kitten."

Dax's tail was lifted, and then Eldan's tongue circled his hole. He let loose a yowl, that unique pleasure wholly consuming. He squirmed, shifted back, wanting more than that teasing. There was nothing like Eldan or Falynn fucking him with their tongues, and Dax's world narrowed to that one sensation. That one driving need to feel Eldan's tongue move inside him. He whined, mewled, and whimpered, shaking his ass a bit as his tail shivered and shook in Eldan's grasp.

"What do you want, kitten?" Eldan asked, that talented tongue barely dipping inside Dax.

"Fuck me with your tongue!" Dax blurted out, his cheeks staining crimson. Every teasing touch of Eldan's tongue sent sparks of pleasure through him, and he tightened his grip on Falynn, urging him to scoot up far enough for him to lick over the length of his cock.

Falynn's moan was sweet, laced with that subtle magic that drew him in and promised him unprecedented pleasures if he would simply take what was offered. Lick after lick, he teased Falynn until Falynn's hands began to tug at his fur in earnest. Only then did he take Falynn's cock between his lips, flicking his tongue over the slit as he sucked firmly.

Falynn cried out, the sound vibrating through the cave, a living, breathing sound that danced along Dax's spine. Magic was not something Dax had experienced in Sephryn, but now that he'd tasted it in Tridéa, he knew he didn't want to be without it. He wanted to surround himself with Ice and Water, his precious Elves that made his soul thrum with the connection he saw between his father's. Love. Such deep love so quickly that Dax knew he should doubt it, but as Eldan's tongue finally pierced him and Falynn's hands clutched at his fur, there was no foothold for doubt to take.

He worked his way slowly down Falynn's long, slender cock. It fit so well between his lips, slid down his throat so easily. The cool sweetness of Falynn's fluids sparked a hunger in Dax to taste that rush of come. He licked, sucked, swallowed Falynn, and Eldan's tongue moved deeper into him, spread him. His cock pulsed with his racing heartbeat, clear, sticky drops of his excitement falling to the soft pine-strewn floor. Eldan then withdrew and bit the underside of his tail, which ripped Dax away from Falynn's perfect cock in order to howl with toe-curling pleasure to the ceiling of their dwelling.

They always knew how to work him up, how to send him to the brink of release with a single touch, but with Falynn's magic swirling around them, it just made him more desperate. "Want you inside," he panted out, gazing up at Falynn. Another nip at his tail sent him squirming against Eldan again, and when tongue was replaced with slicked fingers, he pushed back until Eldan indulged him and pressed them inside. His eyes fell to Falynn's face and moved along his shoulders and arms. Falynn's hands still moved through his fur, touching his shoulders, neck, and face. It was the most tender of touches, one that seemed to beg him for more without demanding a thing.

Turning his head to the side, he nuzzled one of Falynn's wrists. "Tell me how much you want to be inside me, Falynn." He had to be careful not to ask questions. Falynn had a way of avoiding truth, finding the path of least resistance just like trapped water. Ordering Falynn ensured an answer, and the longer he was intimate with Falynn and Eldan, the more genuine and open those answers became.

Falynn gasped as Dax then licked at the inside of one sensitive wrist. The flesh there had been trapped under the magic-laden slave cuffs until Eldan had freed Falynn of both collar and cuffs, but the flesh there had become a place he or Eldan could drive Falynn crazy. "Badly," Falynn panted. "I've thought about very little else since you woke me with your mouth around my cock. The heat of you..."

"Is exquisite," Eldan moaned, his fingers moving in and out of Dax steadily. "Nothing like the heat of you, kitten."

"I want that heat," Falynn said, voice deep and sure. Such certainty was rare with Falynn, and it made Dax's heart flutter. Falynn's eyes were so dark, his cock straining near Dax's lips. "Will you gift that to me now, Dax?"

Dax's tail flicked and shivered with excitement, and he licked broadly from Falynn's sac to the tip of his cock before purring, "Of course I will." Shifting forward meant leaving Eldan's fingers behind, but his body was more than ready for Falynn. It was Eldan's hands that kept him from simply mounting Falynn immediately, and he huffed, his ears twitching back with annoyance until he realized Eldan was slicking Falynn up. How had he forgotten something so basic? A flush crept up his face as he looked back and forth between Eldan and Falynn. "Shut up. You both make me impatient."

"We didn't say anything," Eldan laughed as Falynn squirmed. "Now, take yourself before Falynn hurts himself."

Falynn would, too, if they didn't take care of him. Dax didn't want to tease anymore, though. Rocking forward and down, he took Falynn inside in one smooth movement, and the stretch made his purr deepen into a loud rumbling that all but masked Falynn's soft sounds of pleasure.

There was no pause to adjust. Falynn was slim and long and rubbed inside Dax just perfectly. He drew Falynn into a series of kisses, and that sweet submission coupled with the hint of dominance as Falynn's hands gripped his hips as set the pace was everything Dax wanted. Well, almost everything. His tail swished, the tip twitching impatiently as he rose and fell quickly on Falynn's slick cock, and he pulled back from kiss, mewling, dazed eyes seeking Eldan.

But Eldan was standing beside them, gloriously naked, his cock hard and dark, wet-tipped and ready. Despite Eldan's soft-spoken, regal nature, he was a king in his bones, and as Dax looked up at him now, he could see just what the Ice Elves saw in the powerful Elf. All he wanted to do was please Eldan in that moment, and when Eldan's thumb swept over his lower lip, encouraged him to open his mouth, Dax complied immediately.

Darting his tongue out, Dax lapped at the head of Eldan's cock, his eyes remaining locked with Eldan's as he rode Falynn. Every lick was deliberate, a tease meant to test Eldan's control and encourage him to demand something more. When Eldan's hands tightened in his hair and around his ears, he knew he was about to get exactly what he wanted. Eldan didn't have to order him around; all it took was a guiding touch, a well-placed tug at his hair, and he opened wider so Eldan could thrust into his mouth.

Falynn's magic swirled around them, made every touch all the more potent. With Falynn's long cock moving steadily in and out of him, and Eldan's hips rocking back and forth, laying firm claim to his mouth and throat, Dax was in rutting heaven. It was decadent and passionate, and as Falynn and Eldan both began to take him faster, harder, Dax thought he would lose his mind. Magic and sex and lust and love, it was more than he'd ever imagined finding when Nahele and Keegan had brought him across the Great Sea to Tridéa.

There was the sticky, slick sounds of Falynn's cock pounding in and out of Dax's ass, the wetness of Eldan's cock between his lips, and then those musical cries from Eldan—deep and powerful—and Falynn's breathy, nearly-quiet moans. All the sounds echoed in Dax's ears, and the smells! Musk, thick and clean, cool and liquid to his nose. Making love with Eldan and Falynn was a symphony for Dax's senses, all of them, and he let himself fall completely under their spell, gracefully sucking and receiving, giving and taking.

The two of them pushed him higher and higher, and several times, he would have sworn he could have come without a touch to his cock. There was always some barrier, though, a fine line of tension that kept him from falling. A loud whine escaped him as he tightened his claws at Falynn's chest.

Through the haze of arousal and need, he heard Eldan groan loudly, caught in the same net of denial. Eldan didn't have his mouth full, however, and panted breathlessly down to Falynn. "Let us go, starfish. Come inside our lusty kitten and release us!"

That thread of tension that wound between the three of them receded the moment Eldan's words died in the air. The scent of magic faded, and the immediacy of pleasure slammed into Dax like a sack of rocks. Dax's eyes flew open, wide and unseeing, and he would have yowled with the force of the lust inside him if Eldan's cock hadn't just pushed into his throat. There was no hovering on the edge of orgasm, no gentle tipping from that great height. One minute, Dax was trembling with pent up, almost desperate, need, and then next, he was coming. Hard, thick, his seed panting his fur and Falynn's stomach.

The searing heat of his own release was then doubled by Eldan's sharp, silvery cry, and Dax's throat flooded with the clean, crisp flavor of Eldan's seed. He sucked it down, rocking on Falynn's lap, and then Falynn's nearly-silent cry of pleasure caressed his ears, and Falynn's cock was slick and wonderful inside him as Falynn's come coated his passage. He swallowed every drop Eldan offered him, almost voracious for his lover's taste and feeling utterly debauched. Eldan's voice wavered, and then the kingly Elf fell to his knees, drawing Dax into a deep, nearly suffocating kiss.

Their tongues curled against one another, and he pulled back to gasp in a few breaths before bending down to kiss Falynn just as passionately. Eldan's hands were warm in his fur, petting and scritching in that lazy manner he adored. Eldan even began leaning against him, and the heaviness of Eldan's limbs around him made him chuckle as he pulled back from Falynn's intoxicating kisses. "Something tells me you aren't going to brush my coat 'til it gleams."

"Mmm... There's time for that tomorrow. Sleepy now," Eldan replied, the words slurring together a little.

"But look at the mess I've made," Dax complained playfully. It was adorable, the way Eldan always wanted to rest and nap after a great rut, and he could never stop himself from poking fun at the old Elf. Falynn laughed, and the sound brought a goofy grin to Dax's face. "What?"

Falynn shook his head and leaned forward, pressing kisses softly to Dax's furry throat. "It is not Eldan's duty to clean up the mess you made."

"No," Eldan said, flopping back onto their thick nest of furs and blankets. "You made Falynn sticky, kitten, you can take the responsibility of grooming." He yawned, eyes glittering with sated pleasure. "And don't look at me like that. I know it's not a hardship for you."

Dax purred, turning to look at Falynn. "Not a hardship at all," he murmured, and then licked broadly over Falynn's sweet lips. "Shall I groom you, starfish? Clean up my mess?"

Falynn's gave a breathy moan, reached for his lips with his own. "Anything you like, kitten. Anything."

Dax closed the distance and moaned a couple seconds later. That's all the time it took for Falynn to make him melt. The Water Elf's tongue could work miracles, and even without a surge of magic, his cock already began to twitch with reviving interest. "I like you just like this," he purred, his fingers playing with a lock of blue and white hair. "Sweet, erotic, and scented with the musk of my come."

"Charming," Eldan teased, settling in the soft furs next to them.

"Possessive," Dax corrected with a grin, loving the way that one word made Falynn's face practically beam with happiness. Eldan might be confident in the love he shared with Dax and Falynn, but Dax knew that Falynn needed more time, more encouragement. With such a harsh past, Dax couldn't blame Falynn for being slow to trust and even slower to love. It was a challenge, but one Dax relished. "The more I scent-mark you, the less the snow kittens will dare tamper with your warm clothing."

Falynn chuckled, the sound rich and smooth, as his hands glided up Dax's back. "Scent-marking my body does not keep them from my clothing."

Dax pushed Falynn back until Falynn was spread out under him. "We'll see about that," he purred, and then—with Eldan's gaze a hot weight on him—Dax bent to lick each cooled, slick smear of his come, knowing by the time he was done, he'd make a mess of both himself and Falynn all over again.

Which he didn't mind one, single bit.

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