Characters: Bleidd, Terrill
Origin: World of Egaea (WIP)
Advent Day: Day 16 (December 12th)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3,995


The solstice was in full swing, and Bleidd loved the festive, bright celebration. The food stores had been opened, some of the best dried meats pulled out and turned into rich, hearty food. The kitchen had prepared dozens of sweet cakes and honeyed morsels. The Maith of Bleidd's kingdom sang and drank and danced, loving life while the world was blanketed in the harsh beauty of ice.

Bleidd crouched beside Terrill's chair in the great hall, his eyes bright and cheeks flushed. "Dance with me?" he asked.

Terrill looked around, and then back to Bleidd. "Dance with you?"

"You never dance with me." Bleidd gave him a toothy, slightly intoxicated grin. "At least, not in public." Their relationship was well-known, had been celebrated publicly the previous spring, and so Bleidd was ready to revel in his love with his long-time companion in front of their subjects. "Last winter, we were all on the brink of death thanks to Doran. This winter, I want to celebrate life and love with my husband. Dance with me."

Terrill might have blushed, but Bleidd knew he'd taken in his share of the mulled wine. His skin was already lightly flushed to begin with. The scent of it had been driving him to distraction. Terrill looked down at him, and he watched a quiet affection pass through the stormy depths. Terrill was far too reserved, too used to being on the sidelines. He grinned when Terrill finally reached out and used his shoulders as a support to stand up.

"Very well," Terrill chuckled, standing and pulling Bleidd upright as well. "A dance, maybe two, but I refuse to fall all over myself in front of your subjects."

"Our subjects," Bleidd corrected with a snort, "and I don't think they'd care in the slightest."

"They might if you just happened to fall atop me once I was down there," Terrill laughed, and damn, the Maith knew him too well.

"I'm not that drunk," Bleidd quipped, tugging Terrill with him to the center of the hall. There was plenty of room here to dance together. "One dance, and then we can retire." Bleidd couldn't help himself. He cupped Terrill's face and kissed him softly. "We have our own celebrating to do, and I know you don't like fucking me in public."

Terrill moaned softly, melting against him as they began to move to the cheerful music. "I'm still growing used to you touching me public, so sex will have to wait."

"But it's not an impossibility?"

Terrill smiled, pressed their lips together briefly. "I still let you hunt me in the forest, take me as the wolf inside you demands."

It was Bleidd's turn to groan, his cock twitching in his loose trousers. "Tease."

"I'm only a tease if I don't follow through, and believe me, I will," Terrill laughed and spun him around. They linked hands and danced, stepping around one another, but whenever Bleidd tried to bring them close, Terrill made a swift step that kept their bodies apart.

Now he was certain Terrill was teasing, and it made him growl playfully and try to anticipate Terrill's evading moves to foil them. Why had he never noticed what a good dancer his husband was? It felt an eternity ago that he had barely taken notice of Terrill, and he couldn't imagine going back, giving up the love they shared. He laughed as he realized he wouldn't want to give up these silly games they still played with one another either. Terrill never quite settled, always keeping him on his toes, and gods above, he loved the dark-haired Maith for it.

After several tries, he finally stepped right into Terrill's path, foiling another attempt at escape. Once their bodies collided, his arms quickly locked around Terrill's torso, keeping them together, and he delighted in the soft moan the closeness pulled from Terrill. They continued to move, but Bleidd was in control now, and he dictated the way their hips swayed, grinding them together until the healthy flush on Terrill's cheeks deepened ever so slightly, the musk of his arousal perfuming the air around them.

"You certain you wouldn't like to just take you here on the dance floor?" Bleidd growled, dipping his head down to begin licking and nipping along Terrill's throat.

Another moan rumbled against Bleidd's lips as Terrill's hands tightened on his bare shoulders. "If you wish to have my body, Sire, you will have to take me to your chambers."

"Spoilsport." Bleidd bit at Terrill's pulse, loved the sharp, desperate cry it forced from Terrill. "But I love you anyway."

"Think you can at least make it until the end of the song?" Terrill panted.

"Is that a challenge?"

"Maybe," Terrill laughed breathlessly, grinding against him just right.

Bleidd didn't apologize for his arousal; he reveled in it. They shifted and danced, pressed close, and when Bleidd loosened his grip around Terrill, he noted with a hungry growl that Terrill didn't pull back at all but just pressed closer. He could feel the ridge of Terrill's cock through the fabric of their light trousers, but it was just more taunting.

When the last sustained note of the song sounded, Bleidd practically yanked Terrill from the dance floor. There were a couple cheers from the surrounding Maith as he pulled Terrill up toward their chambers, and he grinned wolfishly at his husband, groping him shamelessly. "I do hope you're through teasing now."

Terrill moaned and practically stumbled into their rooms. "Almost. Just... one more thing..."

Bleidd snarled, truly frustrated. What did he have to do to get Terrill in bed?

"Don't make that face. You'll like it." Terrill nudged him and went to the trunk at the foot of their bed. He pulled out a wooden box. The sight of it made Bleidd raise an eyebrow. "Well, it's Solstice, isn't it? For you."

Terrill handed him the box, and Bleidd slowly smirked. "You've kept this present secret. Must be special."

"The smiths weren't done with it until yesterday. I didn't want to even hint at it in case they couldn't finish in time." Terrill bit his lip and looked at him expectantly. "Happy Solstice, Bleidd."

Bleidd sat on the edge of the bed, his arousal forgotten in the wake of Terrill's sweet offering. He opened the lid of the box and stared down into the satin-lined interior. Nestled among the blood red fabric was a white gold collar. Set in the gleaming, beautiful metal were emeralds, and when he looked closer, leaves and vines had been etched into the collar. He blinked slowly, and then looked up at Terrill. "It's lovely." He gave Terrill an odd smile. "But... a collar? Am I your pet now? The wolf domesticated?"

"Hardly," Terrill murmured with a smile. "It's just... to remind you who's always waiting for you when you come back from the hunt or from the borders. It's not to cage the beast, but so the beast remembers home and mate. Wearing the collar doesn't mean you're trapped or leashed, but that you have a place where you'll always be welcome."

The words were so sweet, and the thought Terrill must have put into the gift... Bleidd lifted the collar from the box and held it out to his mate. "Will you put it on me?"

A flush tinted Terrill's cheeks. "Of course." Terrill took the collar from him, and when Bleidd lifted the thick mass of his blond hair, Terrill settled the cool metal against Bleidd's throat. "You don't always have to wear it."

"No, but tonight, I want to." Bleidd felt when the fastener snapped into place, and then he let his hair down once more. He looked at Terrill, positioning his chin just so to give the best view of the collar around his throat. "Do you like it?" he asked, somewhat unsure. It wasn't heavy, wasn't tight, but it was there, a soft reminder that he'd given his heart to another.

"It's beautiful on you," Terrill breathed. "I just knew the emeralds would look amazing against your skin. Warm... tanned... the most beautiful, sunkissed skin I've ever seen." Terrill's hands brushed broadly down Bleidd's chest, fingertips teasing at his nipples before moving lower, along his ribs and down his abdomen to his loose pants. The touch made Bleidd feel utterly desired, cherished, and he grinned as Terrill whispered, "Want to see the rest of your skin."

"I'm aroused," Bleidd warned with a smirk.

Terrill just chuckled and pushed Bleidd's trousers down to pool at his ankles, sinking to his knees before Bleidd in the process. "Even better," Terrill purred, leaning forward to lick the tip of Bleidd's cock, capturing a bead of fluid from the slit.

Bleidd groaned, brought his fingers up to sink into Terrill's dark, curly hair. "Oh, fucking hell," he panted. "I've been as free with my favors as any wolf during mating season, but you... you drive me mad with just a look. A lick, and I want to possess you—mouth, body, and soul."

"Good thing I want the same thing," Terrill murmured against the head of his sex. He rolled his eyes up, and Bleidd's breath caught at the gleam in them. "So possess me, wolf."

Another growl, loud and deep, erupted from Bleidd, and he held Terrill's head still as he pushed his ample cock between the lush, wet lips. The heat of Terrill's mouth was the most sublime sensation Bleidd had ever felt. He'd fucked countless Maith—men and women alike—but Terrill was different. Terrill had tamed him in some way while keeping the wild wolf he'd bound his spirit to free and unfettered. There was no reason to fear loving Terrill, binding himself in marriage to the Forrin Maith, and Bleidd gave himself wholly to their coupling.

Terrill moaned around him, gripped at his hips, and the slight pull let Bleidd know he could thrust deeper. The suction was amazing, and the way Terrill used his tongue and teeth pulled deep sounds from him. He tightened his hold on Terrill's braids and curls and pushed, filling mouth and throat with a moan of satisfaction.

He set a firm, thorough pace, glad that Terrill had worked up to being able to handle more of him this way. Looking down, he groaned to find Terrill's stormy eyes canted up at him, the swirling depths filled with such love and lust. He'd seen the lust before on countless faces, but the love... That was something only Terrill had ever offered up so selflessly, and it was more potent than the spirits they'd consumed during the night's festivities.

Terrill's eyes fluttered shut, and the rumble he felt around his cock was intoxicating. Terrill pulled at him again, and he gave in, thrusting deeper, faster, enjoying the pleasure of his husband's mouth to his heart's content. Those hands just kept encouraging, nails digging into his hips, adding the perfect amount of pain to his pleasure. It was only a few minutes before he grunted, his hips jerking forward as he came, but Terrill refused to stop moving on him, sucking every drop with such passion that Bleidd knew it would be impossible to soften. Not yet. He wasn't even close to being spent yet.

"Terrill!" Bleidd cried out after a few moments, barely managing to pry Terrill off his cock. "By gods, love, you going to spend all night sucking me?"

Panting, Terrill craned his neck, licked the underside of Bleidd's cock. "It was... a thought."

"You don't want my cock inside?" Bleidd ran his thumb over Terrill's wet lower lip. "You just want me here, between your lips?"

Terrill shuddered, and his nails trailed down Bleidd's thighs. "I didn't say that."

Bleidd couldn't help himself. He bent over and drew Terrill into a deep, possessive kiss. It began rather gently, but it wasn't long before he was claiming every inch of Terrill's mouth. A sweet, passive whine from Terrill's throat set his blood on fire, spoke to his feral side in a way that would have made his toes curl if he weren't too busy pulling Terrill up onto the bed and ripping away his trousers.

"Gods, Bleidd!" Terrill gasped when Bleidd pulled back from the kiss to push away the scraps of cloth left behind the harsh yank.

Bleidd's fingers moved back to Terril's entrance, and he paused for an instant, a smirk curling his lips as he teased the already slick hole. "You prepared yourself before the feast?"

"I anticipated you enjoying my gift," Terrill chuckled, his voice raspy in a way that made Bleidd's cock twitch.

"You anticipated correctly." Bleidd licked from Terrill's navel to his throat. "How do you want to be taken? On your back? Astride me?" He paused to suck hard at one of Terrill's nipples. "On your hands and knees?"

Terrill trembled against him. "You'll make me... choose?"

"I like when you choose." Bleidd sucked at the other nipple as his finger pushed inside Terrill, felt how easily the muscles parted.

"Astride at first," Terrill moaned, tangling the fingers of one hand in Bleidd's hair. "And after I make you come again, I want you to fuck me on my hands and knees."

Bleidd shuddered and groaned. "Such a fucking tease, making me sit still 'til then."

"Mmm, but you'll savor every instant, and I'll be so slick from your come, worked open for you, ready to be fucked until I ache from taking your thick cock deep inside me."

"By the time I reach a third round," Bleidd said, nipping at one of Terrill's hips, "I'll be taking your ass for a good half hour."

Terrill pushed him back, climbed atop him. "I know. That's the point."

Bleidd moaned as Terrill dipped his hand in the warm dish of oil, stroked his cock. "When did you become such a debauched demon?"

As Terrill shifted above him, put him into position, he purred, "The day you first took me to bed, Sire." Then, Terrill sat back on his cock, took him in right to the root, and Bleidd forgot to breathe, let alone think of a snappy retort.

Terrill took a few seconds to adjust, but Bleidd felt it acutely when Terrill's body let go, allowing him to sink deeper. His breath rushed out of him in a low moan, and Terrill shuddered above him. Terrill's hands ran up and down Bleidd's torso, teasing and scratching in a way that made his inner wolf curl and chuff. As it was, he moaned and returned the touches, pinching and tugging at Terrill's nipples until Terrill gasped and squirmed atop him.

Terrill set a rhythm, starting slow and deep, and Bleidd smiled up at him, rocking up into every thrust with as much power as Terrill allowed him. "Enjoying the view?"

Terrill's eyes sparkled down at him, and those strong, weapon-worn hands played at his collarbones near the collar he now wore. "Yes... Gods, yes..."

They spent several minutes rocking like that, enjoying the feel of one another, kissing, touching, tormenting one another until they were panting and moaning. Only then did Terrill finally give in and thrust back on him with all his strength, and that harder movement brought the first throaty moan from Bleidd's lips.

Bleidd reached between them, took Terrill in hand and rubbed at the wet slit. "Love when you take yourself... when you revel in my cock."

Terrill's cheeks were flushed, and his hands tightened on Bleidd's chest as he groaned. "Can't help myself."

"Why?" Bleidd growled. "Tell me why you want my cock, why you're pushing back so eagerly against me." He loved making Terrill talk, to part with those secret desires and needs. "Tell me."

Terrill whined, trying to wiggle his way out of answering, but the low growl of a warning that rumbled out of Bleidd caused him to shudder and make another hard thrust down on Bleidd. "Want your cock... because tonight... you're all mine."

Bleidd whined softly. "I'm always all yours." After they'd returned from the hellish torment of Doran's underground fortress, after he'd pledged himself to Terrill, he'd shunned others. "No other shares my body."

Not that it wasn't a thought sometimes. A lusty look from another Maith, the scent of a female when she was ripe to take, and he would chafe at his bonds, his promises. Still, he had promised Terrill, and he would never be unfaithful. He could and would look, but he'd never touch. Never. Bleidd couldn't risk the loss of Terrill.

A tight squeeze of Terrill around him made him gasp back into the present, and a touch to his face drew his gaze back to Terrill's stormy eyes. "You want others, though," Terrill breathed. "I know you're afraid you'd lose me if you gave in, but you won't." Fingers trailed down his face to where the collar was settled against his throat. The touch stole his breath away, and he simply stared up at his husband, his eyes widening. "You're mine, Bleidd. I've given you a collar, but you've already given yourself a leash. I... I don't want you fucking everyone in sight, but... maybe we can be a little more... open to sharing a third?"

Bleidd bucked, rolled them over until he had pinned Terrill to the bed. He snarled, the wolf rising inside him, his amber eyes narrowing. "You hated when I fucked other people. You fucked Keegan to prove to me that my cock was either yours or you wouldn't be mine."

"You were fucking them so you could ignore me, so you could avoid committing. I hated that you didn't consider me your mate, your equal." Terrill didn't fight Bleidd, didn't struggle against his grip. Without that struggle, his wolf felt restless. "I fucked Keegan so you'd see me as more than your subject, more than someone who was just at your beck and call. Would you treat me like that again if we shared someone?"

"No," Bleidd ground out. "Of course I wouldn't."

Terrill brushed back some of Bleidd's golden hair. "Then I've nothing to fear if we invite someone to join us on occasion, when another stirs you."

Bleidd rolled his hips, thrust himself deep. "You tempt the wolf. The wolf wants it, but the Maith in me knows that it would only hurt you. Somehow. At some point. You would hate me for taking another to my bed when I am wed to you."

Terrill cried out and clung to him with strong hands and even stronger thighs. "That's why... I'd have some say... You ask, and I tell you if I'm game, or if you having them would hurt me." Another loud moan escaped Terrill as he bucked up into another thrust. "You'd resist if I asked, right?"

"I resist now," Bleidd gasped. "I have resisted since you fucked Keegan two years ago." He'd not taken anyone else, pouring his need and love and lust into Terrill. Bleidd surged forward over and over, his head swirling with his wolf. The wolf wanted to rut, wanted to spread itself among all the beautiful, enticing Maith that it noticed. Yes, Terrill was mate, would always be mate, but mate was the one in the den. The others were pleasure and dominance.

Bleidd let out a howl, squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to force the wolf back, and to keep himself for saying anything more, of agreeing to Terrill's insane idea, he bent to Terrill's neck and bit hard and deep. He would wear Terrill's collar, but Terrill would always wear his mark.

Terrill shouted, the sound ragged and harsh, and the nails at Bleidd's chest moved to his back and pulled, leaving burning ribbons behind. He thrust into Terrill over and over as the metallic tang of Terrill's blood filled his senses. It had to hurt, but he felt Terrill buck up into him, just as eager for the pleasure as he was. He growled, the sound vibrating into Terrill's torn flesh, and his hand darted between them to stroke swiftly at Terrill, work him quickly to the edge.

"Bleidd!" Terrill yelped, gasping and trembling the closer he came to release. "Oh, fuck!"

The tightening of Terrill's body around him just made him thrust faster, harder, and when Terrill came with a scream, he squeezed his eyes shut and rode that same wave into his own release, letting the red haze of blood and pleasure overwhelm him.

Bleidd pulled back from Terrill's throat, his lips wet with blood, and panted as the white haze of release and bloodlust receded. He blinked several times, and then looked down at Terrill. His throat was all but savaged, and Bleidd felt a stab of guilt. Except the guilt rolled out as quickly as it had come in because the wolf was pleased. Bleidd might not piss on Terrill, but he did everything else he could to claim the Maith as his.

Terrill still trembled minutely beneath him, and when those eyes finally focused again and locked with his, he saw the makings of a smile creep onto Terrill's face. It must have pulled too much at his neck, though, because the almost-smile turned to a grimace for a few seconds. "Going to... need some salve for that one."

The tone was still full of humor and love, and Bleidd was suddenly filled with a fierce devotion. Terrill really did love him, not just the Maith, but the wolf he'd become as well. He felt the backs of his eyes begin to sting and leaned down to lick gently over the seeping wound. "I love you."

He didn't say it often, and Terrill rarely demanded it of him, but the way it lit up his mate's eyes made every word all the more meaningful. "I love... you, too... That's why I... wanted to give you this." Terrill's fingers trailed over his collar, and he smiled up at Bleidd. "And take away the leash... you've been holding."

"I never want to make you unhappy again." The rage Bleidd had felt the night he'd discovered Terrill had chosen to bed Keegan instead of himself was something he never wanted to experience again. He'd hurt Terrill deeply, and when they'd been imprisoned, his lack of faith in his lover had led him to say terrible, unforgivable things. "I want you to never look at me with hatred. It would be worse than a death-blow, I think."

"I won't hate you if you're honest, and if you respect my wishes. If you love me and show me that love..." Terrill trailed off, that smile tugging at his lips again. "If you always come home to me, back to den and mate, then I think we can make the rest work."

"What if I hurt you?" Bleidd asked, his voice a bit softer, the slightest bit uncertain.

"Then I'll let you know I'm hurt, and we'll find a better compromise."

It sounded so simple, far too simple. Just communicate and find the middle ground? It would be more complex than that, and Terrill had to know that. Looking into Terrill's eyes, though, he could see the love there, not sad obligation or resentment. "You really want to give up having me all to yourself?"

"I'll still have you all to myself," Terrill insisted, tugging Bleidd's hair until he dipped down far enough for a soft kiss. Terrill breathed against his lips. "All the parts of you that matter are mine, all that's under the surface."

Bleidd all but purred into the kiss. "Come." He smiled against Terrill's lips. "Let us bathe. I'll tend to your throat. And then the wolf and his mate can rut."

Terrill laughed, soft and sensual. "You think my ass can take it?"

"Your ass will be in perfect condition to endure feral attentions," Bleidd growled, nipping Terrill's lower lip. "And you know it."

Terrill stretched beneath him, grinning at him with blatant promise. "Oh, I do, wolf, I do."

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