Gift of Life Recognized

Characters: Bastian, Riley
Origin: Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley
Advent Day: Day 15 (December 11th)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 4,219


Riley watched Zoe bat at the new scratching post with a fuzzy toy atop Bastian had bought. He laughed softly, enjoying the simple pleasure of his cat's enjoyment. The small Christmas tree blinked and glowed in the corner, and Riley keenly heard the heater click on. A blast of warm air made him close his eyes as he basked in the hot scent that filled the room, made the smell of pine all the more potent. It hadn't been but a few months since Bastian had saved his life, made him half-human, half-vampire. There were still adjustments, hard times, but they were becoming fewer and fewer.

The nightmares weren't as vivid. The hunger not as grating.

The hunger. Just thinking about it made Riley's body burn with the need to taste Bastian. Hell, even if it wasn't blood, he could go for a solid, hard fuck with his lover. Bastian had been working quite a bit throughout December, trying to get ahead of the holiday bills, and it had left Riley horny, slightly hungry, and very restless. The ticking of the clock made a muscle near his eye twitch, and he glanced at the clock face.

Six o'clock.

When the hell would Bastian come home? Couldn't Bastian feel him? Wasn't there some odd, intangible bond between them now that let Bastian know how needed he was? Riley moaned. Once thoughts of Bastian began, they didn't stop. Bastian's lips. Bastian's hand. Bastian's cock. Bastian's fangs. Bastian's blood. Riley's cock hardened in his pajama bottoms, and the slight shifting of the cotton against him forced a soft, desperate cry from his lips. Dammit. He'd jacked off this morning. He'd jacked off twice this afternoon. If he did it again...

It didn't matter. His hands were already pushing his pajama bottoms down, and then he reached for his cock. He pumped quickly, need riding high and hot inside him. This wasn't enough, though. It wasn't Bastian! It was just a pathetic shadow of what he really wanted, and he whimpered, rubbing his thumb over the wet, thick head of his cock.

The slide of the deadbolt and opening of the door made him jump, and his eyes snapped to the door again. Bastian was frozen there for a few seconds, and he could feel the heat of those hazel eyes burning a path over his body. A cool gust from the open door sent a shudder through him, and it seemed to break Bastian's daze. In the space of a second, the door slammed shut, Bastian's bag and coat were thrown aside, and his mouth was claimed in a deep, possessive kiss.

"Cold!" Riley yelped at the chill of Bastian against him. Whether it was the cold night or Bastian's need for blood, Bastian was fucking freezing!

"Ran out of blood at work," Bastian laughed breathlessly. "Boss wouldn't let me go 'til I'd made the place fucking spotless. Needed to get back to you." A cold hand wrapped around Riley's cock, and he hissed at the way the cold made his flesh feel even hotter. "Guess you felt the same?"

"All damn day," Riley moaned. "Couldn't get you out of my head. Been pacing... jerking off... cleaning. Anything to keep me distracted." Bastian kissed him again, and the hunger Riley felt in the way Bastian's tongue moved through his mouth. The hand on his cock warmed a little, stroked him, made him squirm until he was panting against Bastian's lips, his fingers tugging at Bastian's hair. "Fucking need you," Riley breathed. "Feed me, drink from me, fuck me, I don't care! Just... please..."

"Anything you want. Everything you want tonight," Bastian promised, and a smirk curled those lips against his. "First, let me take the edge off."

Edge? There was no taking the edge off! Bastian knew what it was like when they both got this way. It was as if refractory periods simply didn't exist when they hungered and fed one another. Before he could make his tongue cooperate to form some kind of protest, Bastian shoved his thighs open and sank down on his cock, swallowing him whole.

Riley shouted and threw his head back. His fingers tangled in Bastian's hair, tugged down as his hips arched up. He had thought the sexual frenzy would die down, that he would return to his old libido, but when the hunger reared its head, nothing short of fucking and feeding would suffice. Even with Bastian sucking him off now, Riley knew it wouldn't be enough.

Still, he came hard and fast, screaming Bastian's name as he spilled himself between Bastian's demanding lips. Riley sagged against the sofa, panting raggedly, but his body still thrummed with arousal, with bloodlust, and he whimpered, squirming, his cock still rigid against Bastian's tongue. "Bastian..."

Bastian pulled back with a parting swirl of tongue and immediately kissed him again as he moaned and fumbled with the snap and zipper of Bastian's jeans. He needed them naked, needed to feed Bastian and taste Bastian in turn. He licked along one of Bastian's fangs, just barely nicking himself on the tip. Even the hint of blood pulled a growl from Bastian, who quickly suckled his tongue, squeezing every bit of blood out while he could. They pulled back with a gasp, and Bastian's eyes were wide, almost wild with hunger. "Riley... Can't wait..."

Riley smiled and arched his neck. "Then don't," he suggested.

Bastian shuddered against him, and he gasped at the speed with which he was flipped down onto the length of the couch, pinned by Bastian's weight. The suction of Bastian's lips at his throat only lasted a couple seconds, and then those fangs sank in, the pain pulling a shout from him and making his eyes sting. No matter how many times he fed Bastian, that first instant always hurt, but Bastian was getting better at whatever skill vampires had, and the pain soon fizzled out, replaced with a throbbing pleasure that made him pliant, his heavy limbs encouraging Bastian closer.

Warmth and a deep sense of nurturing filled him along with the lust and need. There was nothing like feeding Bastian, and Riley reveled in it. Once the bond had been completed, he'd discovered he had more mobility during the feedings; he could become an active partner if he wanted. Tonight, he wanted. He reached back and grasped Bastian's ass, gripped hard, pulled them together with a deep moan. His own hunger grew, bordered on ravenous, the longer Bastian fed from him, but Riley also didn't care. He only wanted to feed his lover, his master, the one who'd saved him.

He wouldn't have even forced Bastian back, but Bastian had the better instincts, the better timing, and when Bastian pulled back with a deep, rumbling groan, he did his best not to yank Bastian back down to his throat. Bastian grinned, feral and hungry and alive, and ground their groins against one another. "You taste so fucking good."

"But you stopped," Riley slurred, lashes fluttering as pleasure coursed through him. "Didn' havta."

A warm chuckle passed from Bastian's lips to his. "Already took more than I should've... for what comes next."

Riley tilted his head. "Next?"

"The part where you feed on me as you ride my cock," Bastian smirked, thrusting Riley firmly into the sofa to make his arousal apparent before gathering Riley in his arms and hefting him upright. Riley's head spun at the sudden movement, but his moan turned to a laugh as his pajama bottoms were peeled off.


Bastian licked at the blood trickling down Riley's throat. "Aren't you?"

A whimper passed Riley's lips, and he groped over to the side table searching for the lube. "Yes. Coming isn't enough."

"Never enough," Bastian agreed, fangs scraping at Riley's throat.

"Need... lube..." And then Riley's hand closed on the bottle, and he yanked his arm back, eyes dark, heart pounding. "Time to slick you up."

Bastian grinned. "Yeah, lots of lube. Want to fuck you so badly, until you're satisfied."

"Could take a lot of fucking," Riley said with a smile, pouring a generous amount of lube over Bastian's cock. He stroked Bastian, moaning at how hard, how hot that cock was, and he was completely lost. All he wanted was Bastian's cock inside him, and in moments, he hand them positioned, and then he slammed down, taking Bastian inside without pause. "Ah, fuck! God, not enough!"

Bastian moaned and his hands—those rough, strong, sculptor's hands—tightened on Riley, helping him make the most of every thrust. He whimpered at Bastian's throat, sucking hard, taking in as much blood as he could. It wasn't enough. God, it was never enough to fully sate the hunger that always burned inside him. When Bastian started to pull him back, he growled, wanting more, needing more, but Bastian's hand moved from his shoulder to his hair and yanked until he gasped and arched back. He whined, and before he could form words, Bastian's lips were on his, their tongues tangling in their mingled blood. It was messy as fuck, but the most erotic damn thing he could have asked for as Bastian tried to tame that hunger, focus it back into the way their bodies collided again and again.

He lost track of time, kissing, thrusting, moaning at every touch Bastian's fingers trailed down his spine and across his sensitive nipples. Every nerve was on fire with Bastian's blood, and even when he felt Bastian buck and come inside him, he knew neither of them was finished. Bastian slapped his ass and repositioned him on his knees before slamming back into him from behind.

Riley screamed, his cock straining between his thighs. The blood made them into animals, but that was all right. It was fucking fantastic. Bastian's teeth—sharp and dangerous—moved down his spine as they surged together. "Bastian!" He pushed back, panting and moaning. "Harder!"

Harder became almost painful, the pace deep, brutal, and just what Riley needed. By the time he came, squirming and shouting as his seed fell to the worn fabric of the sofa, his body ached. A deep, bone ache that made him groan as he pushed back against Bastian, as his own cock refused to soften. Not every feeding was so endless, so frenzied, but Riley loved when they were pushed to this extreme. Every so often, it made him remember just how alive he was... and who was responsible for it.

Bastian rammed into him again and again, and the rough shout that echoed in their living room was joined by a loud jingle as Zoe dashed into the bedroom. Bastian's fluids coated him a second time, and the pace finally faltered. He squeezed around Bastian, trying to keep him deep, but Bastian just groaned and eased back from him. "Bastian... Why are you—You're still hard..." They couldn't be done yet, could they?

"You bet your ass I'm still hard," Bastian panted with a laugh. He helped Riley up onto his knees and turned him around for a kiss. This time, however, it was slower, deeper, more intimate, even after the passion of their feeding. Bastian tugged at a lock of his hair before brushing it back from his sweaty face. "I just think we can take the next one nice and slow... make love. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

A flush crept over Riley's face. "I'd love it. Here... or the bedroom?"

Bastian nipped his lower lip gently. "Bedroom. Let me clean you up a little, and then make love with you."

"I've missed you," Riley whispered, caressing Bastian's cheek. "All these late shifts... early mornings... I'd rather have you than a lavish Christmas gift."

"Really?" Bastian asked, a goofy smile on his lips.

Riley couldn't help but kiss him. "Really."

A healthy blush colored Bastian's cheeks right up into his dark hair, so warm he could feel it against his fingertips. "So, you gonna send my lavish Christmas gift back, then?"

Riley laughed. "I didn't say that!" He hopped off the sofa, or tried until he realized his body was already incredibly tender. Bastian was right there when he moaned, and he accepted the warmth of Bastian's arm around his waist as they walked back to their bedroom, and the bathroom beyond that. "I wouldn't insult you by sending it back."

"Good, because I know you're gonna love it." Bastian teased, his voice taking on that sing-song tone that did terrible things to Riley's curiosity.

"Tell me," Riley demanded as Bastian wet a soft washcloth and shook his head. "Please, tell me?"

"Nope," Bastian laughed. "Not yet. Get clean first, and then you'll find out on your own." He reached out and bent Riley over the edge of the sink, kissing down his spine and cleaning his ass and legs tenderly.

Riley moaned, closing his eyes for a moment. "I like being messy."

"No, you don't," Bastian said against the crack of Riley's ass. "You hate being covered in come and blood."

"I don't hate it. It just usually makes a huge mess everywhere."

Bastian finished cleaning him, and then turned Riley around. "I know. Now there won't be a mess when I take you to our bed, hmm?"

Riley wrapped his arms around Bastian's neck and drew him in for a soft kiss, lingering there, the bloodlust and need now background noise he could easily ignore. "I love you."

An adorable half-smile came over Bastian's face, the kind Riley always thought were the most genuine and self-satisfied from Bastian. "I love you, too. Now, c'mon." Bastian gave his ass an affectionate squeeze. "Your present's in the spare room."

Riley's eyebrows rose, but he kept his mouth shut as Bastian took him by the hand and led him down the hallway. Was his present too big to put under the tree? His heart raced with excitement and curiosity, and when Bastian opened up the spare bedroom's door, he did a quick sweep of the space with his eyes and frowned. Nothing looked different.

Bastian crossed to the other side of the bed and dipped down. There was a high-pitched mew and the shuffle of cardboard, and then Bastian stood, cradling a calico kitten in his arms.

Riley laughed, clasping his hands in front of his mouth. "You got another cat?" he asked, but he couldn't keep the excitement from bubbling inside him. He'd wanted another cat for a year now, but with the small apartment, their busy schedules, and the whole vampire-ghoul thing, he hadn't thought they could get one just yet. "But, Bastian, I told you I didn't want another pet until we could move."

"I know." Bastian said as he brought the tiny kitten over to Riley. "Remember that three bedroom apartment we looked at? The one with the awesome kitchen and the big master bathroom?"

"Yes." Riley couldn't help himself. He reached for the kitten, taking its slight, warm weight into his arms. "But the deposits were too much. We couldn't afford it." He grinned at the kitten. "Is it a boy or girl?" he asked, not wanting to manhandle it so he could check himself.

"Boy," Bastian chuckled, "and you get to name him. Your other gift is attached to the bow."

Riley's curiosity piqued, he untied the bow Bastian had tied onto the kitten's collar, laughing as the kitten tried to climb up his chest. His muscles twitched as he removed the bow and uncovered the key taped to the back. "But... it's blank," he said, his fingertip running over the uncut edge of the key.

"It won't be blank when we get it cut to fit that new apartment."

Riley blinked several times before the little kitten's mewing broke him from his shock. "But—"

"No buts," Bastian interrupted. "I took care of the deposits, paid the first two months, everything."

"We got the apartment?" Riley felt a smile tugging at his lips. "We really got the apartment?"

"Yep." Bastian reached out, teased the kitten until he bit at Bastian's fingertip. "We move in February first."

Riley bounced just a little. "Plenty of time to pack."

"That was the plan." Bastian cupped Riley's cheek and smiled. "No more late nights now. I just... really wanted to give this to you. You've given me so much, Riley."

A flush moved over Riley's cheeks. "Have I?"

"I thought it was a social death sentence when I became a vampire. You've supported me through everything, put up with my quirks, and you give me the blood that makes it possible for me to live instead of just make do. I've never felt so close to anyone, loved anyone like I love you, and—"

"Shh," Riley soothed, pressing a finger against Bastian's lips to keep him from rambling. It was the cutest damn thing Bastian did when he was excited, hints of that shyness that had amused him when they'd first met.

Bastian kissed his finger. "You've given me the life I wanted and more," he concluded. He moved to hug Riley, but it was a light embrace. Bastian was very aware of the kitten, careful not to accidentally smother it between them. It was a small gesture that made him love Bastian all the more.

"So. A boy kitten. And I get to name him?" Riley grinned. "I'll have to think about it. We'll let Zoe get used to him while he tells us his name."

Bastian kissed his nose. "Sounds like an excellent idea."

"Know what's also an excellent idea?"

"Mmm... hot cocoa and marshmallows?"

Riley gave Bastian a little kick. "You taking me back to bed so I can show you just how much I love your gifts."

"Even better." Bastian shivered and gave him another squeeze before gingerly returning the kitten to the area beside the bed. Riley peered over and felt a surge of pride at the little litter box and bed set up Bastian had provided. He guessed the cardboard crate had just been to keep the kitten quiet for Bastian's shift.

He practically bounced when Bastian pulled him from the room and back toward their bedroom, and the kisses Bastian gave him along the way did wonders to revive his need. By the time Bastian pushed him down to the bed, he was moaning, his cock hard and ready. Riley arched up into Bastian's knowing hands, his own combing through Bastian's beautiful, dark hair.

"I can't believe you got the apartment," Riley whispered between kisses. "I loved that kitchen."

Bastian nuzzled Riley's throat. "I know," he murmured as he settled between Riley's spread thighs. "I wanted to give it to you so badly. You've been paying for everything since I moved in. It let me save up, give you everything."

Riley's back bowed as he pressed his chest to Bastian's hot mouth. "You already gave me the best gift," he panted. "You gave me life."

Bastian's head snapped up, eyes dark as they stared at Riley. "What?"

"You gave me life." Riley swallowed thickly. "I never thanked you for it. I never told you it's all right. I never... I never let you know I'm so thankful, Bastian... so thankful to have this life, to be with you, to see my family every holiday... and it's all because of you."

Bastian bit his own lip gently. "But... it won't always be easy, and you didn't have the choice. Are you really happy? Think it's worth it? You're sure?"

Riley suddenly felt a twinge of guilt. He'd put Bastian through hell when he'd come back from the hospital. The bloodlust had made him angry, promiscuous, addicted — things he'd never wanted or intended to be. He'd apologized, and Bastian had told him over and over that he understood, but maybe he'd bit his tongue too often, refused to talk about it in favor of putting their classes and lives back in order.

"I've never been happier," Riley whispered and brought their lips together in another deep, lingering kiss.

Jake had ruined him in ways, ways that Riley knew he'd never get back. But Bastian... Bastian had given him so much. It wasn't chains he was bound in. It was love. He loved Bastian. Loved him with a fierceness that wasn't born of a blood bonding. It was because Bastian was the most thoughtful, caring man he'd been with, and he wanted no one else. Ever. And ever was looking to be a very long, long time.

Riley pressed up against Bastian, trying to say without words how much Bastian was wanted, needed. There would be time for more words later, a late night talk while he lay in Bastian's arms. Now, though, was for touch and taste and love. In a burst of strength, he swapped their positions, pushing Bastian down into the mattress, and then he reached for the lube.

Bastian groaned and pinched his nipples, making him gasp. "So fucking hot when you're on top."

"I know how much you like it." Riley rolled his hips forward against Bastian before he squeezed more lube out onto Bastian's cock. "You like watching me enjoy you."

"I do," Bastian moaned. "You're gorgeous when you ride me. Touch yourself."

Riley chuckled, enjoying the length and girth of Bastian in his hand. "Voyeur."

"And proud," Bastian purred, shifting up into each stroke, "especially when I have such a sexy redhead to watch and tease."

"So you want to tease me? Make me squirm?" Riley grinned, stroking and rubbing Bastian.

"Yeah. God, yeah." Bastian shuddered and reached up to pinch and roll Riley's nipples. "Your birthday's only a few months away. We'll have to celebrate by piercing your nipples. Then I'll get to really tease you."

Riley shuddered, cried out at the idea. His nipples—always so damn sensitive—stung, hardened under Bastian's touch. "Pierce them?" They'd joked about that in the past, but Riley hadn't seriously considered it.

"You don't want to?" Bastian asked, plucking at each nipple, driving Riley crazy.

"No!" Riley bucked, his own cock neglected, aching between them. "No, I... I think I do—fuck, Bastian!"

"That's supposed to be your job," Bastian teased. "Could be sexy... rings, or those little barbells. Green stainless steel to show off how flushed you get when you're turned on."

Riley let go of Bastian's cock and squirmed his way into position. "Evil bastard." He slid down the length of Bastian with a low, long groan, closing his eyes to fully savor the aching stretch of his lover. "Bastian..."

Bastian groaned, pushed up, his hands moving all over Riley's body, everywhere he could touch. "I know," he panted. "I know."

Riley began to rise and fall, slowly, deeply, taking Bastian in root to tip over and over. He moaned, was selfish in his pleasure. It felt so damn good. Better than the frenzied fucking on the sofa. This was pleasure and love and everything warm and good in life. Riley opened his eyes, stared down at Bastian, and just kept moving.

Bastian's hands were all over him, from his nipples to his hips, to the most wickedly perfect caresses to his cock, never staying too long. It wasn't just the touches and the push of Bastian's cock that made his heart speed in his chest. The look in Bastian's eyes, so dark with love and pleasure, struck deep into him, making every movement that much better for the two of them.

"Kiss me," Bastian gasped out, his hand trailing down the center of Riley's chest to finally wrap around Riley's cock. "Please... So close..."

The touch made him shudder, and though his thighs were burning, he tried to hold out. He whimpered as he bent over, keeping his pace by sacrificing depth. He kissed Bastian with every ounce of strength he had, showing in action what was sometimes so difficult to express in words. Bastian was the world to him. His life would always be tied to Bastian's. The thought used to terrify him, but now, he felt a deep relief at knowing Bastian would love him, need him, take care of his every need.

Bastian cried out against his lips, and Riley felt that warm slickness spread inside him. It was all he needed to tip him over the edge. His breath caught, and he trembled atop Bastian, his come spattering over Bastian's belly. Riley panted as he sagged, draped himself across Bastian, and he smiled faintly as his heart pounded in time with Bastian's. The lust inside him was sated. Riley's desire was still, and he purred against Bastian's throat, utterly spent.

Bastian's fingers tangled in his hair, petting him in a lazy, uncoordinated way that made him chuckle. "Going to put my hair in knots," he warned, nipping Bastian's collarbone.

"Then I'll brush out every coppery lock later, while we sip that hot cocoa with marshmallows, and I make a mess of your kitchen with more holiday cookie baking."

Riley hummed, too content to worry. "It's all been worth it, and when the future comes, Bastian, it'll be worth it then, too. I love you, and if you hadn't saved me... I couldn't be here now to love you."

"Then I made the right choice, saving you?" Bastian asked, but there wasn't the same worry in his tone as before.

"Yes. You did," Riley chuckled, nuzzling him.

"Best Christmas gift ever."

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