The Gift

Characters: Terfel, Gauwyn
Origin: World of Egaea (WIP)
Advent Day: Day 13 (December 9th)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3,981


Gauwyn practically bounced in his seat as Terfel hefted a large package his way. They had retired from the Yule festivities when Terfel had promised him his gift was waiting in their bedroom. Their first Yule as a wedded couple, and he had enjoyed his fair share of the party, the feast, and even the mulled wine. That last one had probably affected him a bit more than he wanted to admit, but it had him in an excellent mood as he kissed Terfel and opened up the box.

His smile fell into a confused expression. He pulled up a manacle from the box, the attached chain rustling about with a metallic clang. "Um... Thanks?" He couldn't think of any other response. What the hell was this all about? Manacles and chain and a couple strips of colored silk? Other than that last part, it was like the chains he'd been bound to in the House of Earth. That thought chilled his blood, and his hand trembled as he settled the cuff and chain back into the box and fought not to hug himself.

Terfel smiled at him, soft and loving and full of understanding. "It's time you faced what happened, and learned what pleasures can be found in bondage."

Gauwyn shook his head. "There's no pleasure in bondage," he whispered. "Only pain."

"Not with me." Terfel leaned over and cupped his cheek. "Never with me, love."

Gauwyn bit his lower lip, but as much as he wanted to, he couldn't look away from those stunning green eyes. Terfel wouldn't lie to him, couldn't lie to him with the depth of the bond they had connecting them. He would sense it, see it in those eyes, but Terfel wasn't lying. His breath shivered out of him, fear entering his gaze. "Terfel, please..."

"You have to trust me, Gauwyn," Terfel insisted, refusing to let go of his gaze or his face.

A tremor started to take hold of Gauwyn's arms, and he shivered, clenching his hands into fists. "I do trust you. I don't have to be tied up to prove that." It was a weak argument, and it didn't surprise him when Terfel gave him that look. The look that said, Really? You know better than that. Gauwyn gritted his teeth. "I don't want to go back there, all right? I don't want to remember the House of Earth or the damned House of Shadows. I have a difficult enough time with the nightmares. I don't need the reality again. Not with you."

Disappointment flitted through Terfel's eyes, whispered along the soulbond, and his hand dropped from Gauwyn's cheek. A small smile curved Terfel's perfect lips, and he nodded. "All right." He stood, tucking the manacles and colorful silk back into the box and set the lid firmly on top. "I will have Fyrah take these from the room in the morning."

Terfel picked up the box and set it on the floor by the door, and then began to undress. He removed the lovely white and pale blue robe he'd worn for the festival, so unusual for the king. Gauwyn had thought it so strange to see Terfel in more than just trousers of some kind, but Terfel had wanted to make a good impression on the visiting delegates from the House of Spirits. He'd been a sight, regal and swathed in colors that made his gold hair shine, and Gauwyn's eyes hadn't turned from him but for a few moments in the night.

"Terfel..." Gauwyn whispered, wringing his hands in his lap.

"A bath would be ideal, I think. There's a chill in the air," Terfel said, his voice gentle and light as he headed toward their private bathing chamber. "I'll call for a page to light the hearths while we bathe and prepare for bed."

Guilt swept through Gauwyn without mercy, tying knots inside him even more powerful than the fear. He couldn't bear that look in Terfel's eyes, couldn't bear the disappointment. The chains and bonds in the box had been Terfel's gift to him, something Terfel had put quite a lot of thought into, and he couldn't just cast them aside like they meant nothing. "Wait," he breathed, and when Terfel only paused for a moment before stepping over the threshold of the bathroom, he raised his voice. "Wait, damn you!"

That got Terfel's attention, making him turn in the doorway, and Gauwyn hopped off the bed and crossed the distance between them. There was a flicker of anger in Terfel's eyes, but he saw it turn to surprise when he pulled Terfel down into a kiss. It was tense for a few moments, but Terfel relaxed, allowing him inside to curl his tongue along Terfel's. When he pulled back, it was with a shaky exhale. "I'm afraid," he admitted, his fingers tracing over Terfel's face. "I'm afraid because of everything that's happened in the past. That's not your fault, and I shouldn't punish you for it. I just... I don't know if I can face it alone."

He glanced back at the box, but Terfel's hand brought his face back around. His other strong arm wound its way around Gauwyn's waist, and the warmth of the embrace made him shiver as Terfel murmured, "You won't face it alone. I'd never ask you to confront the past if I wasn't about to stand by your side. I want to show you the pleasure. It will be worth it."

"You promise?" It sounded childish even to Gauwyn's ears, but he couldn't help but ask.

Terfel just grinned. "I promise. Now, does this mean we get to take my gift back out of its box?"

Gauwyn blushed but nodded. "Just... be gentle with me."

"I always am," Terfel purred, and then he brought the box back to the bed.

Gauwyn's heart raced when the manacles flashed in the candlelight. Gods, what was he doing? His imprisonment had been hellish, nothing but torture and violation. Why the hell was he doing this now? With his husband? In their bed? He didn't want to associate anything terrible with Terfel. Terfel was his safe haven from the nightmares, and—

"Stop." Terfel cupped his face, brushed his thumbs over the apples of Gauwyn's cheeks. "This isn't about torture or rape or anything else they put you through. This is about us. About trust. About taking a step together." He leaned down and kissed Gauwyn so softly, so tenderly. "I love you. That makes all the difference."

"I trust you," Gauwyn whispered against Terfel's lips. "I do, I just..." He just didn't trust himself, and that was the problem. The House of Shadows and House of Earth had messed with his brain so badly, he couldn't trust in himself, and that wound up meaning his trust in Terfel was a weak, shaky thing. "Show me." He looked up into those oak green eyes that had captured him from day one. "Show me I can trust myself... trust you."

Terfel drew him into a long, slow kiss. It was one of those kisses that made Gauwyn's knees weak and his cock hard. No one kissed like Terfel. The Wood Elf had spent decades honing that one skill, and Gauwyn was trembling with want by the time Terfel drew back.

"Undress for me," Terfel murmured, lips trailing down Gauwyn's throat. "Undress, and then lay in the center of our bed."

Gauwyn moaned, the sound bordering on a whimper as he arched into Terfel's touches. His own robe was in the way of Terfel's lips, though, and he forced himself back so he could unfasten the ties of the heavy fabric and start stripping off his layers. Yes, layers. Terfel despised the many layers worn by several of the other Houses, and Gauwyn knew it was a tease whenever he had to slowly reveal his body to his husband.

A low growl escaped Terfel, causing Gauwyn to smirk. He deliberately slowed down, peeling the last layer slowly off his chest and up over his head. While his vision was blocked, a force smashed into him, and he yelped as he was tackled down onto the bed. Terfel's hands joined his, all but ripping the fabric free of his body as they laughed and kissed. It was perfect, until he glimpsed the box again, but he refused to freeze up, no matter how badly he wanted to.

"What did you have planned?" he asked, pulling back from another kiss to moan while Terfel's fingers trailed down over his body. "How do we start?"

"Like this." Terfel's lips moved down Gauwyn's body, teased nipples, sides, and navel. "We make you crazy with lust, and then we test a limit."

Gauwyn cried out as Terfel's lips pressed to the wet slit of his cock. In moment, Terfel was swallowing him down, broad hands holding his hips to the mattress. The way Terfel could use his mouth was downright indecent, and Gauwyn writhed, moaned, and tugged at Terfel's golden hair. "T-Terfel!"

Terfel moved lower, nuzzling Gauwyn's balls, tongue lapping at them, and his mind reached out, brushed against Gauwyn's. Yes, snowflake?

Gauwyn panted harshly, struggling to organize his thoughts through the fog of pleasure Terfel so easily pulled down over him. "You—You're—ah!"

Such eloquence! You really must enunciate. Terfel's mindvoice teased him almost as mercilessly as that wicked tongue.

Gauwyn thrashed and pulled at Terfel's hair, his cries making it impossible to speak until he let his own mind extend to Terfel's, following that bond between them. His own fiery mind caressed Terfel's inner forest, and the energy of Terfel just sent his own flames flaring higher. By the gods, you make me insane! Don't stop. Please, Terfel, just don't stop!

Terfel suddenly pulled back, and Gauwyn let loose a desperate whimper as he reached for his husband. "Ah-ah," Terfel said. Gauwyn stared with wide, wild eyes as Terfel lifted the manacles from the box. "Raise your hands until your fingers touch the headboard."

It was now or never. He could do as Terfel wanted, trust that pleasure and joy awaited him, or he could call it all off and simply beg Terfel to make love to him. He couldn't look away from Terfel. The Wood Elf simply sat there, patient, lust and love radiating down that spiritual bond they were so very lucky to share. It was that quiet, unintended reassurance that made up Gauwyn's mind. He smiled faintly and raised his arms, his fingers almost touching the wrought iron bars there. A slow, even breath passed his lips as Terfel shifted and the cool metal of the first shackle slipped into place around his wrist.

"How long have you wanted to do this?" Gauwyn breathed, doing his best to keep any tremor from his voice as the second manacle closed around his other wrist.

A wolfish smirk unfurled on Terfel's face, and the expression alone made Gauwyn shift on the sheets. "Quite a while now."

"Such a barbarian," Gauwyn teased, falling back on one of their ongoing jokes to keep his mind off the fact he couldn't lower his arms.

Terfel brought his face close to Gauwyn's, and amber shimmered in the green. When Terfel's wolf was close to the surface, it meant Terfel was struggling for control. "I can smell your fear. You've no reason to be afraid of me. Not anymore." He leaned down and nibbled at Gauwyn's throat, which only made Gauwyn moan, arch his hips.


"Should you want this to end, snowflake, just say 'stop'. I'll never take what you don't freely offer," Terfel murmured against Gauwyn's neck.

Another moan shuddered out of Gauwyn, and he nodded. "I trust you." He tugged at the cuffs, and a wave of anxiety threatened to crest inside him. He couldn't move, couldn't get away, and they always did bad things when he couldn't get away. He'd been bound just like this when they'd slit his feet. He'd kicked so hard the first time that they'd strapped him down, and—

"Gauwyn!" Terfel reprimanded with a growl, pulling him from his memories.

"I'm sorry," Gauwyn gasped, his hands trembling. "I'm sorry I—"

"Don't be." Terfel nipped at his lower lip. "I know it's difficult, but just stay with me. Stay here and now. Feel me."

The way Terfel pressed down against him made him groan. Gods, Terfel was so hard! Long, thick, and always so hot against his skin. He tried to bring his hands down, to run them over Terfel's sides and tease at the rings piercing Terfel's nipples. He wanted to touch so badly, but every tug reminded him how trapped he was, how vulnerable. It forced him to surrender to Terfel's whims, and as those whims led Terfel on a path back down to his cock, he couldn't say he didn't enjoy the attention.

Terfel's breath danced along his cock. "Do you want to come down my throat?" he breathed against the tip of Gauwyn.

Gauwyn shifted as a blush colored his cheeks, and he tried to bring his cock into contact with Terfel's beautiful lips. "Yes!"

"And then?"

"And then what?" Gauwyn gasped, tugging at the shackles again. "Terfel!"

Terfel licked over the wet tip of Gauwyn's cock. "And then what do you want from me?" he prompted.

Normally, Gauwyn would have stifled the question with endless kisses, but with his hands bound, he couldn't escape the question. Terfel never asked unless he expected an answer, damn him. His cheeks turned a deep red, and he whined, squirming and trying to get another lick to his cock. It only made Terfel pull farther away, though, and he moaned needily. "I want you... inside me."

"Just inside you?" Terfel questioned, stroking him once and making him even more desperate for another touch.

"I want you to... fuck me." Just saying the word made his face and chest burn, but the look of delight it brought to Terfel's face threatened to make it worth it.

A chuckle tickled Gauwyn's ears, and Terfel licked from root to tip. "Fuck you?"

Gauwyn shuddered, arched, spread his thighs shamelessly. Gods, what was it about Terfel? How could he chase the nightmares away, hold the darkness as bay with just a laugh and a touch? "Yes!"

"Fucking you isn't slow... deep... or gentle," Terfel pointed out, placing soft kisses up the length of Gauwyn's sex.

"I—I know," Gauwyn gasped. "But I watched you all night, loved knowing I'd get to have you out of those robes and all to myself."

"Even with your arms bound?"

There was such tenderness in the question, and it warmed Gauwyn to the core to know Terfel was trying so hard to give him pleasure and not push him too far too fast. He couldn't hide his slightly embarrassed smile. "If I can't trust you to have me the way you like best..."

Terfel hummed. "You want to prove to yourself that there is nothing to fear."

Gauwyn nodded, and then groaned as Terfel lavished attention on the head of his cock with lips, tongue, and teeth. Now that he was bound, now that he was giving up that control to Terfel, he wanted to prove himself, to push away the demons that still haunted their relationship. He knew it wouldn't happen all in one night, that it would take many years, but they couldn't start down that path without a first step, right?

And then all thought fled from him as Terfel's hot, wet mouth slid down his shaft. Oh, gods help him, was there a better feeling than that tongue, those lips? Yes, and he would feel it soon enough. At the moment, though, his body burned. He cried out, tried to thrust up, but Terfel's hands—broad and strong and glued to his hips—kept him more or less still. Hands bound, hips captured, and all he could do was feel. It was as if Terfel had lit a fire inside him, given him kindling and breath to fan the ember into something so consuming that it tore a scream from him when he finally spilled himself. Everything was fire and stillness and mind-numbing pleasure, and then he was sagging into the mattress, sweaty and breathless.

"Mmm... like musky ice, a hint of smoke," Terfel growled, pressing kisses from Gauwyn's cock up his stomach, over his chest, until their lips met. "You always taste of the forest in the winter as we burn wood to keep warm. I'll never taste it enough."

Gauwyn panted, a silly grin curving his lips. "Do I light... a fire in you... despite the cold?" he asked, unable to manage more than a few words at once, his mind pleasantly hazy while the glow of climax remained.

The low moan Terfel emitted sent heat tingling through his every nerve. "Every moment," Terfel purred, rocking their bodies together, making his own arousal known.

Gauwyn struggled against his bonds for a moment, but the metal was unrelenting. Another memory threatened to surface—one of bloody, torn wrists and endless screaming—but he pushed it away, craning his neck for another kiss.

Slick fingers pressed against Gauwyn's hole, and he cried out. The panic he'd just shoved aside came rushing back as Terfel pushed two fingers into him. He pulled at the manacles again, struggling, and when Terfel's voice broke into the fog of horrid memory, he stared up with wild eyes. Terfel was looking down at him, eyes dark, his fingers still inside Gauwyn.


Panting, body tense, Gauwyn blinked, and two tears rolled down his temples. "Terfel." He had to say the name, remind himself this was the Elf who loved him, had married him. "Terfel."

Terfel's fingers began moving in and out of Gauwyn again. "Just me, snowflake. No one else. Never anyone else."

Gauwyn whimpered and blinked to clear his vision again. "Never?" he asked, his voice wavering. "No one else but you?"

"Yes," Terfel growled, but it was that deep, comforting growl Gauwyn had learned to love. "I'll protect you. You're mine."

"Yours, Terfel," Gauwyn panted, managing to relax just a little. Terfel was with him, loved him, would protect him from those who had hurt him, from the memories, from himself. He had to trust, had to cling to the truth of Terfel's promises. He kept his eyes open, looking up at Terfel, refusing to fall back into the memories as Terfel added a third finger and more oil.

Terfel nuzzled Gauwyn's chin. "You still want me to fuck you?" He licked at Gauwyn's pulse. "Hard and fast?"

Gauwyn trembled and bit at his lower lip. "I... I don't..." A flush of shame spread over his face, and he averted his eyes until Terfel forced his face forward again.

"Shh... It's all right. How about we just take it slow? Nothing wrong with that." Terfel smirked down at him. "In fact, I rather like taking you slow, making you squirm on my cock."

"Terfel!" Gauwyn sputtered, his cheeks blazing even as Terfel laughed and drew him into a kiss that curled his toes.

It was slow. Fingers were replaced by that broad, inked cock, pressing against him, into him. Gauwyn pulled at his bonds, and he wanted to cry out, but Terfel just kept kissing him. One kiss bled into another, and before Gauwyn knew it, Terfel was completely inside him, spreading him in that intimate, almost overwhelming way. Only then did the kissing taper off, Terfel panting against his lips, the green eyes flickering with amber again.

"My wolf," Gauwyn breathed, and he so badly wanted to touch Terfel, to caress his face.

Terfel licked broadly over Gauwyn's lips, growling low in his throat. Mate.

Gauwyn shuddered. That single word in his mind came with the distinct scent of warm fur. Terfel's inner wolf was almost like a separate entity, the wild force behind Terfel, one that both thrilled and frightened Gauwyn. When that voice rumbled through his mind, he could feel that feral part of Terfel that had claimed him as mate. He licked his lips and tried to whine softly like a wolf. Yes. Mate. I'll always be your mate.

Terfel began to thrust, slow and deep, claiming him with every sure movement. This was nothing like the torture he'd endured. He gasped, sought Terfel's mouth again, and just as he was reaching out for that wolf-like presence, it disappeared. Terfel's eyes became that emerald green once more, the wolf caged inside him, and just as Gauwyn was about to say something, Terfel kissed him once more.

His body was helpless, his arms and shoulders aching from his struggles against the shackles, but when Terfel kissed him, everything else just seemed to fade away. Kisses and slow, powerful thrusts. There was nothing more Gauwyn could want in that moment, except perhaps the ability to run his fingers through Terfel's beautiful, golden hair. He whimpered, moaned, cried out against Terfel's lips, so caught up in the pleasure and familiar heat of Terfel's body that he barely noticed the way the pace kept quickening.

Terfel took his mouth as thoroughly as he took Gauwyn's body. Deep, possessive growls passed from Terfel to Gauwyn through those kisses, and Gauwyn would try to whine. Submissive and pliant, Gauwyn knew what Terfel wanted from him. It was hard sometimes, but right now, bound, aroused, and hungry for every swipe of Terfel's tongue, Gauwyn found it so much easier to simply give in. The memories and nightmares were so distant as his senses filled with the sound, taste, and smell of his husband. Terfel would protect him. Terfel would love him. Terfel would never harm him.

By the time the pleasure crested, he was crying out, writhing beneath Terfel. All that existed was his mate and the spine-tingling force of orgasm. He arched and screamed, bucking and clenching around Terfel until Terfel grunted and spilled deep inside him. His arms were on fire, but the weight of Terfel, the slick heat of him so deep, kept him in the moment. It wasn't until his vision blurred that he realized he was weeping again, and the soft caress of Terfel's thumbs wiping the tears away brought a quiet sob from him as he trembled. "Terfel..."

"Shh," Terfel breathed. Slowly, Terfel came into focus again. He was all golden skin, gilded hair, and brilliant oak-eyed. "I love you."

Gauwyn gave a sobbing laugh, and he so badly wanted to put his arms around Terfel, to hold and be held. "Please..."

"Of course."

Within moments, Gauwyn's arms were free, and he wrapped the aching limbs around Terfel, hugged him close. He was weeping again, held close by Terfel, pressed into the bed by the wolf-king's solid weight, and he'd never felt so safe.

All that, and only now did it finally hit home: there really was nothing to fear. Terfel hadn't taken advantage, hadn't caused him any pain other than the wonderful soreness he always enjoyed after taking Terfel inside. Instead, he was safe, warm, and covered in their fluids, which he found he didn't mind at all. A blush began to creep over his cheeks again, and he laughed against Terfel's chest, wiping away the lingering tears. When he looked up, there was a hopeful smile on Terfel's face.

"You all right, snowflake?"

Gauwyn sniffled and curled his fingers in Terfel's wonderfully silken hair. "My arms hurt, but even when I couldn't touch you, you didn't let me go."

Terfel grinned. "So, there will be no need to return my gift?"

"None," Gauwyn agreed, and before he could say another word, he was swept up in another of Terfel's possessive kisses. It would take time to undo all the damage, but one thing was certain: Terfel would see him through this from the first step to the last. His mate would always be by his side, and that was something definitely worth celebrating.

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