Love's Agony

Characters: Alex, Ranae
Origin: Of the Shadow World: Dominance & Lust (WIP)
Advent Day: Day 12 (December 8th)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2,112
Warning: Sexual violence


Alex ground his teeth, and even though sweat dripped from his forehead, stinging his eyes, he wouldn't relent. Ranae was arching up, still pushing his beautiful, pale ass up into the crop, and it seemed the harder Alex swung, the more eager Ranae became. And the more Ranae continued to push him for more, the angrier he got. He wasn't even sure where the anger came from, where the dominance was in his spirit when Ranae wasn't egging him on, but the moment he started to let up, Ranae jeered at him, and he couldn't help but give all he had. He wanted to leave Ranae satisfied. It was all that seemed to matter in those moments, but what Ranae wanted was bloody, furious, and darker than Alex had ever imagined himself to be.

Yet here he was, his body already aching from the strain of beating Ranae's ass red. The welts were already deepening into bruises. But just when he thought he was reaching that perfect place Ranae wanted, the dancer's musical voice lilted to his ears between panted breaths. "Is that... all you... have? So... disappointing."

Fury unlike anything he'd ever felt in his life filled Alex. He drew the crop back and let it fly with as much strength as he had in him. The scream that issued from Ranae's lips made Alex's cock ache and his stomach roil. He hit Ranae again and again, pulling each scream from his beautiful dancer's lips with skill he'd learned solely to please his lover. No matter what Ranae said, they always came back together, always fucked with pain and blood and no limits. It wasn't fair. He didn't want this! Alex wanted something so different, that perfect life he'd envisioned for himself: a job, a wife, a dog, some kids. Before Ranae, Alex had thought he knew his goals and desires.

Now, he was a complete stranger to everyone in his life, including himself.

He was a shell, and it was as if Ranae's whims filled him up and drove him. The loss of control grated at every bit of good sense he still possessed, but at times like this when he couldn't rein himself back in, it just made him all the more enraged. He shouted with his next swing, the sound ragged and almost drowned out by the snap of the crop and Ranae's scream. For a moment, he thought he was seeing everything in hues of red, his vision throbbing in time with his raging pulse. Blood. The skin of Ranae's upturned ass had broken with his last strike, and the bright crimson beaded from skin worn thin from an hour of abuse. The sight nearly sent him reeling, but whether it was from arousal or self-disgust, he didn't know.

"Why... the fuck... have you stopped?" Ranae all but hissed in front of him.

No other voice could have been so beautiful while also being so cold and cruel. Alex threw the crop to the side. "Shut the fuck up," he panted.

"Why? Are you tired? Can't keep up?"

Ranae's blue eyes practically glowed in the dimness of the room as he looked over his shoulder at Alex, and Alex felt his hands ball into fists at the mockery in that look, in that voice. "I said shut the fuck up!" He reared back without a thought and slapped Ranae's ass with all his strength, feeling blood and sweat spread over the palm of his hand. The blow sent Ranae lurching forward, and Alex's eyes darted frantically around, looking for the bottle of lube he knew they had but so rarely used.

It was resting on the dresser. A generic dresser in a nameless hotel, though the hotel room was the finest money could buy. It was a sick amusement to Alex. Ranae could probably pay someone to do this shit to him, but instead, he came to Alex. Over and over. Their... relationship just one long, bloody fuckfest. It was never going to end until one of them killed the other, and Alex wasn't so sure it would be Ranae's life that was lost.

He snatched up the lube, and when Ranae opened his mouth again with some acidic remark on his tongue, Alex hauled back and slapped him sharply across the face. "Open your mouth again unless you're screaming or sucking my goddamn dick, and I'll break your jaw," Alex growled, and he couldn't help but note the shiver—one of lust and need, not disgust—rock Ranae's body. But, blissfully, Ranae complied. Other than their ragged breathing and the popping of the cap on the bottle of lube, the room was silent.

Silence was bad. Silence meant he had time to think, and if he thought about what was going on, what he was actually doing, he might lose his mind. He poured lube onto his hand, slicking it liberally before shoving three fingers inside Ranae without preamble. With any other lover, that would have gotten a response, but Ranae stayed silent, merely shifting back into that push of his fingers. It was only after a few seconds that he thought he heard the softest of chuckles, and it made him see red all over again. He pushed a fourth finger inside Ranae and dug the nails of his free hand into that small cut.

That brought a response from Ranae, a choked sound that told him it hurt. Good. He wanted it to fucking hurt. He wanted Ranae's body to hurt as badly as his own soul hurt with every rejected intimacy and every bitter jeer. Alex didn't wait to press his thumb against Ranae, thrusting it inside along with his fingers. The muscles fought him, tensed, and he slapped Ranae's ass. "This is what you wanted," Alex snarled at Ranae's shout. "You're lucky we even had lube. Imagine the agony if we didn't."

Ranae groaned, pushed back, and that damn voice, sensual and beautiful and taunting. "You wouldn't. Couldn't." Another laugh, soft and mocking. "A single cut on my ass makes you want to puke, you couldn't possibly finger me without lube."

Alex yanked his hand away and threw Ranae onto his back. Another stinging slap to his lover's face. "I told you to shut the fuck up!" Anger, black and clawing, rushed through his veins, and he forced Ranae's legs apart. His five fingers pushed back inside, unrelenting and cruel as they forced past the clenching of Ranae's body. When Ranae opened his mouth again, Alex reached up with his other hand and wrapped his fingers around Ranae's throat, squeezing. "Shut up!"

Ranae's choking gasps satisfied him while they lasted, but they were replaced with silence far too quickly, and Ranae smirked. He actually smirked up at Alex. He tightened his grip, pushed with his fist until Ranae's body spread wide around the bridge of his hand and snapped closed around his wrist. The sudden clench of Ranae's muscles around him was so powerful it hurt, but at least it made that fucking smirk disappear. He didn't wait for Ranae's body to adjust. He didn't want it to adjust. He pushed ruthlessly forward, forcing his wrist and forearm up into Ranae's ass, the way only partially eased by the lube. He pushed and pushed, and in some remote part of his mind, he wished that he could shove deep enough to somehow reach Ranae's heart. If the man even had one.

The tension of Ranae's body was glorious, and his silence better. Alex shoved his fist and arm into Ranae as far as he could, watching Ranae's face. Those nearly luminous eyes were glazed, his pale skin flushed, and Ranae's cock was as hard as Alex had ever seen it. Ranae was truly getting off on what they did, and it both sickened and aroused Alex, which just made it all the more torturous. He withdrew his arm perhaps halfway, and then shoved it forward again, not caring if he tore the hell out of Ranae's ass.

But for as much pain as he bestowed upon his lover, Ranae was restless. It was as if he were being given almost everything he needed, and the moment Alex released his throat, Ranae cried out. "Alex!"

Yes, Alex. His name. Screamed so beautifully, that elegant back bowing as he thrust his arm in again almost to his elbow. "Like that," he purred, watching Ranae. "It's what you want, right? Ruthless pain."

Ranae writhed. "Fuck me!"

"I am!"

Ranae's eyes flashed. "With your cock."

"My cock isn't big enough to make you bleed," he spat, thrusting deep with his arm again.

Ranae's choked cry trailed off into a ragged reply. "Pretty... please?"

Alex's eyes narrowed at that tone. Even Ranae begging was a jab, an aching reminder that Ranae didn't want him for lovemaking or passionate kisses or even a hot coffee and cigarette in the snow. This was all Ranae wanted, and God damn him, that was exactly what he was going to get. Alex slapped the smile off Ranae's face and pulled his arm back, leaving Ranae to deal with the shock of being left achingly empty in an instant. He didn't bother with the lube this time, didn't bother to give a fuck about anything as he shoved his hard cock into Ranae's trembling hole.

Their screams twined perfectly, feeding into Alex's rage. He was brutal, pounding himself into Ranae without pause, without thought. Ranae bucked, his hands pulling at him. Not the touch of a lover, but of a ravenous beast, fucking on the ground and taking what it wants. Alex didn't stop. He didn't let it pull him down. All that mattered was the heavenly clutch of Ranae's ass around his aching cock, his hand across Ranae's throat, and his other hand jacking Ranae off. His touch wasn't gentle; neither wanted gentle in this frenzy of pain and agony.

When release came, it was like a flash of heat, an explosion that seared his skin. His hands tightened around Ranae's cock and throat as he shouted and came hard inside Ranae. His hips snapped forward over and over, and even though his hand was tight enough on Ranae to silence any screams, he felt Ranae buck beneath him. He pounded Ranae through his own climax, growling as his head reeled and those muscles clenched so wickedly around him. It was as if everything went hazy, the energy draining out of him as his eyes fell shut. The fire of his anger began receding, and it left his limbs feeling cold as his pace finally faltered. He panted and shivered, slamming one last time into Ranae.

His hand lost all its strength, releasing Ranae's throat, and Ranae jerked and coughed, gasping in a few breaths. Alex finally opened his eyes and looked down. Ranae's face was bruised from his slaps, his throat mottled with his handprint, but looking down only led him to the sight of his own arm covered in lube and blood. His eyes widened, and he stared at his arm, even as it began to tremble, his fingers letting go of Ranae's cock. He had come all over his palm and fingers. Come and blood and lube.

Alex stumbled away from Ranae, and he thought he would be sick when he saw his own cock covered in Ranae's blood and his come. He leaned against the wall when the world spun. Alex just wanted to sleep. He was exhausted, as if every drop of energy he'd had just moments ago had been sapped when he'd come. Slowly, he lifted his gaze from his wet cock to Ranae's pale, beautiful, beaten body on the bed. A body he'd wanted to love. A man he'd wanted to love him.

Ranae smiled, his eyes inhumanly bright. Alex's vision swam for a moment, and then he heard Ranae. A soft, pleased purr was coming from his lover, and it only made the tired, sick feeling inside Alex all the more real. He'd been horrified by what he'd done, but Ranae... Ranae looked like the cat who got the cream. Alex had to look away, his eyes going to the dark window of their top floor hotel room. Outside, snow was falling. Cold and dark and desolate. It was worse than looking at Ranae.

Ranae gingerly sat up, and Alex watched Ranae sweep fingers through the come on his stomach. He smiled as his pink, wet tongue snaked out to lick his own seed from elegant digits. His smile all teeth and sated hunger, and a shiver went down Alex's spine.

"Merry Christmas, Alex," Ranae said, his voice trilling slightly.

Alex just wanted to cry.

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