Lights In the Darkness

Characters: Meh'al, Drayis
Origin: World of Egaea (WIP)
Advent Day: Day 11 (December 7th)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2,705


When Meh'al entered his hut at sundown, he stopped dead in his tracks, the door still open behind him. The shock of what he saw was too great, and only a shout from the sole occupant of the room snapped him out of it.

"Gods, Meh'al! Close the fucking door before I freeze!"

Meh'al shut the door more on instinct than in response to the actual order. His Elven lover had... gods above, what the fuck had he done to his hut? There was a fucking tree in his hut. He stared at the tree, the way it had been strung with nuts and berries. And what were those lights twinkling in his vision now? His eyes narrowed at Drayis. "What did I tell you about invading my mind with your tricks?"

Drayis' smile faltered, and a healthy flush came to his cheeks as he waved his wand. The motes of light disappeared, and Meh'al sighed his relief. "Now," he said, trying to stay calm, "what in all the gods' names have you been doing in here?"

Looking around, Drayis fidgeted. "It's... it will be Yule next week. I wanted to have some of my traditions here alongside your own."

"It's tradition to cart a tree into one's home and cover it with food?" It had to be one of the silliest things Meh'al had ever heard of! Still, he was trying so very hard to be more open to Drayis' culture, to understanding the Elf. "Why, Drayis, would this... this Yule require a tree brought inside?"

"Well... we don't usually cut them to bring them inside exactly, but if I left it outside here, it wouldn't survive for long." Drayis ran a hand through his hair, and Meh'al couldn't help but notice the slight tremor, the racing pulse. Was Drayis actually trying to impress him? "We decorate the trees because they are a symbol of steadfast life during winter. The evergreens don't fade but remain strong. I would have put ornaments on, or maybe candles, but I didn't have the materials for ornaments, and I worried I'd somehow burn the tree down and make a mess."

Meh'al tried his best not to comment that it already looked messy to him. He finally stepped away from the door. The closer he came to Drayis, the more the Elf's scent drew him in. "A tree as the symbol of life. And why the lights that you... tried to make me see?"

"As a reminder that light will return, even after the darkest and longest of nights."

When Meh'al stood close enough to Drayis to see the thudding of his pulse in his throat, he turned to look more closely at the tree. It was strange, but the symbol... what it represented to Drayis... Meh'al couldn't find it in him to be disparaging about the tree. He wet his lips. "Perhaps, if you and Veerle have the time and inclination, you can set up such a tree in the main meeting house for the women and children to enjoy, too."

It was a small thing, really, and Meh'al thought the females and young ones would love to see a tree so decorated with floating lights. "Maybe they can even help you make ornaments. We have materials in the supply house you could have access to." Meh'al turned to look at Drayis, wondering if what he offered would make Drayis happy. The Elf seemed to constantly be on edge, always walking about on tip toe. Meh'al supposed that was mostly his fault. He was so unused to having a lover like Drayis, to having... to have a mate. "Would that please you?"

Drayis brightened considerably, giving away the answer before he said a word. "I'd love that. It's a silly little thing, I guess, but it's something beautiful to look at, something that brings joy to our hearts during the long nights. It's a bit of home."

"You miss your own clan to the far south," Meh'al murmured, glancing at Drayis.

"Always," Drayis admitted softly, playing with the tip of his long, silvery braid. A smile curved his lips, though, and Meh'al much preferred that expression to the wistful sadness. "Not that being here isn't nice. Just different. I was curious what sort of things you do to celebrate the longest night of the year. Veerle's been all over Ky'ahn, and the others wouldn't let me corner anyone to ask without making some sort of scene."

Meh'al smiled a little, his fangs showing in the firelight. "The longest night is a sacred night. It is when mated pairs come together. They spend the whole night coupling, from sundown to sunup, and then we have a large number of females heavy with child six months later, ready to give birth on the shortest night of the year."

"Do mated pairs only... come together to breed?" Drayis asked, a light flush coloring his cheeks.

"No." Meh'al stepped just a little closer, the heat and scent of Drayis drawing him in. "Some mated pairs cannot breed. Some are of the same sex, after all."

Drayis' breathing changed, became just a little faster. "What do those mated pairs do, then?"

"They couple from sundown to sunup as well," Meh'al purred. "They celebrate the life others are creating by celebrating life and love together despite being unable to conceive."

"That's... quite a tradition," Drayis breathed, and the way Drayis licked his lips made Meh'al lean down and follow Drayis' tongue with his own. Drayis shivered. "Will I be included in this ritual, even as an outsider?"

"I've taken you as mate." Meh'al smirked. "Do you think you have the endurance for such a celebration?"

Drayis straightened at the challenge, just as Meh'al had known he would. Determination lit up Drayis' green eyes, followed closely by a glint of mischief Meh'al had quickly learned to both love and dread. "I think you'll have to help me prepare, just in case."

Meh'al chuckled, letting his mouth wander down Drayis' throat. "A full dose of venom would keep you hard and aching, desperate for my cock, all night." He'd rarely used that much venom with Drayis, as it seemed Drayis didn't like how intoxicated it made him feel.

He felt Drayis' pulse speed beneath his lips, and the temptation to taste, to bite and drink, was nearly overwhelming. Drayis' voice vibrated the flesh beneath his lips, and when he scraped his teeth gently over the line of the large artery, the muscles jumped and quivered. "If I gave you such control, would you meet my needs, over and over until the venom wears off?" "Yes," Meh'al purred, suckling over Drayis' pulsepoint. "And you'd hold me afterward? All day while I—ah!—recover?"

The holding thing was unusual, but something Meh'al had noticed Drayis needed. He tried to give more, to meet all the needs—no matter how strange to him—that Drayis made clear to him. "Yes," he said, his voice a low growl. He couldn't keep his hands to himself anymore, and he reached out, pulled Drayis against him. His hands moved over the Spirit Elf's clothed body, hungry to see bare flesh, to litter Drayis' beautiful body with his bite.

Drayis' hands tangled in his hair and pulled him into a kiss. His mouth was filled with some kind of spice Meh'al had never tasted before, something that filled his own senses with heat. For a moment, he thought it might be more of the Elf's magic, more mindgames, but when a needy moan escaped Drayis, he doubted Drayis had the clarity of thought needed for those kinds of spells. The magic the Elf possessed was an unruly thing, like a young child that had to be watched constantly but only did as commanded with a great deal of effort. The taste was just a taste, but it set fire to his own body. He had to pull away just to keep himself from ripping the clothing off Drayis' body.

The instant he pulled back, Drayis' hands darted to his own clothing, and he briefly wondered if Drayis had read his thoughts. A few seconds later, with Drayis nude in front of him, it hardly seemed to matter. He growled and pulled their bodies together again, finding the warmth of Drayis utterly intoxicating.

"How do you do it?" Meh'al growled, his hands tightening on Drayis' ass.

Drayis moaned, pressed close. "Do what?"

"Caged me, pull me in, make me so weak." Meh'al kissed Drayis, hard and hungry. His small ration of blood from the humans they kept meant he was usually always tempted to drink from Drayis, to indulge in the bloodlust the Elf inspired in him. He broke the kiss, panting raggedly, and he pushed Drayis backward toward the bed. "You make me feel out of control."

Drayis laughed as he climbed backward onto the bed of furs. "That makes two of us. You kiss me, and I feel like I'd give up my wand just for another taste of you, another touch, another moment of pleasure."

"Just a moment?" Meh'al murmured, crawling after Drayis, stalking him up and across the bed.

"I'd take more than a moment... an hour... an entire night." Now Drayis was just teasing him, and he pounced, pushed Drayis to the furs and devoured his mouth, sensing the way it made Drayis' blood surge through his body, pooling in the hard length of his cock.

Meh'al spread Drayis' legs wide as he pulled his own simple loincloth away, tossing it to the floor. The red hue of his eyes darkening to the shade of fresh blood, he thrust against Drayis. He let the Elf feel just how thick and hard he was, how the Elf drove him to lustful distraction. "You strip away everything so all I can think about is you... your body... your blood."

Drayis arched against him, his hands clinging to Meh'al. "I just want to love you," he whispered raggedly.

"You want into my heart and mind," Meh'al rumbled, unable to keep his hips still. "It is hard, opening myself up as you wish me to."

"I know," Drayis panted. "Try to give you everything else you need, let you know that... your efforts make me happy."

Happiness was something Meh'al never exactly knew how to give Drayis. How could he be happy so far from home, having given up everything just to travel here again? How could he be happy so isolated by most of the Varan? And why did Meh'al care so much? The thought filled him with heat, both anger and affection. "You infuriate me," he snarled, thrusting hard against Drayis' cock.

Drayis gasped and shuddered. "Is that what you call it?" The lusty smile that spread over Drayis' lips made Meh'al's body ache with need, and Drayis must have read that in his hungry growl, because he reached back, grabbed their oil and slicked him liberally with a firm hand.

"What would you call it?" Meh'al managed before hefting Drayis' legs up, exposing him completely.


Meh'al shoved forward, pushed himself into the heat and tightness of Drayis's body with a loud shout. Drayis gave his own cry of pained pleasure, and Meh'al panted above him, eyes dark and hungry. "Love?"

Drayis moaned, his hands moving along his own body, bringing himself little bits of pleasure. "Be as brutal with me... as you want... but it's love that drives you." Drayis' green eyes seemed to burn into Meh'al. "It's what scares the hell out of you."

"I fear nothing," Meh'al snapped, and then he began to fuck Drayis, hard and fast. It was a punishing pace, selfish and angry and desperate. Meh'al tried to bleed out everything—his fury, his need, his hunger, his failure—in the act of rutting with Drayis. Drayis' cries only spurred him on, growls and grunts filling the air alongside the shimmering, lyrical power of Drayis' voice.

He pounded Drayis, pushing his thighs even wider with an unrelenting grip, but Drayis never cursed him, never told him to stop. All Drayis panted out between cries was a desperate, loving command. "Drink... Drink, Meh'al..."

Simple words, and yet they brought his bloodlust to the surface in an instant, demanding satisfaction. He growled as he bent over Drayis' body and bit into his neck. Drayis choked cry of pain tapered off into a low moan as a small dose of his venom raced from his bite into Drayis' blood. He fed, he drank down the powerful fount of blood Drayis offered so freely. It gave more power to his thrusts, more life to his limbs, and by the time he ripped himself away from the wound, Drayis was gasping for breath, vibrant eyes dazed with pleasure.

Meh'al covered Drayis' mouth with his own, offering a bloody kiss as he brought his hand between their bodies. He didn't usually touch Drayis while they fucked. Not like this. Usually, his bite was enough, his bite and the harsh rhythm tended to push Drayis over into release. Tonight, though, Drayis simply trembled under him, lost in the haze his venom offered, enhancing the physical pleasure while suppressing the pain. Meh'al growled as he pumped Drayis' cock, fondled it roughly as he slammed into him over and over.

The extra touch made Drayis writhe beneath him, and he muffled Drayis' cries with lips and tongue, drinking them in just as he'd taken Drayis' blood. He shouldn't have cared so much for Drayis' pleasure, and yet, he couldn't come, couldn't find satisfaction until Drayis was bucking beneath him, his cock pulsing out thick fluids over his hand. Only then, with Drayis' body clenching and trembling around him, could he let himself fall with a bestial sound, his cock driving deep inside Drayis as he came.

Bracing himself over Drayis, he panted against Drayis' bruised, swollen lips. He stared into the flushed, slightly drugged expression, his heart clenching in such an odd way. He found himself asking, "Are you all right?"

Drayis blinked slowly, almost drunkenly, and smiled at him. "Wonderful."

Meh'al couldn't help but chuckle. "We will see if you still feel wonderful when the venom wears off."

"Am I a bloody mess?" Drayis asked, a tremor of laughter trilling the words.

Meh'al smirked. "You could say that." The breathless, lazy laughter that lilted out of Drayis somehow made his soul feel lighter. The lights that he had ordered Drayis to stop after entering his hut slowly flickered back to life in his vision. "You're making the lights again."

An embarrassed flush streaked across Drayis' cheeks. "Sorry, I'll—"

"No," Meh'al interrupted. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He looked around at the lights, at the way the colors shifted and blinked cheerfully in the air around the room. They were an extension of Drayis, a magical byproduct of the pleasure, something Drayis couldn't hold back, even after such a brutal fuck. "They're... beautiful," Meh'al finally murmured.

Drayis looked at him intensely, sharpness returning to the green eyes for a moment. "You really think so?"

Meh'al ducked down and kissed him softly. "I really do." The magic would take getting used to, and so would allowing Drayis' thoughts touch his own. But, if Drayis was willing to give up his whole life to come to the Varan lands again, the least Meh'al could do was offer that simple intimacy. "I'm sure the women and children will think them beautiful, too."

"I love you," Drayis whispered, voice dreamy and subdued once again.

Meh'al took a moment to pull his cock from Drayis' body, and then laid beside him on the furs. He pulled Drayis into his arms, cuddled him just like the Elf loved following sex. The words he knew Drayis wanted to hear were difficult to form, but when they came, he meant them. "I love you, too."

Drayis became a comfortable, warm weight against him, and the softest purr of satisfaction lilted to Meh'al's ears before Drayis' breathing deepened with slumber. Even asleep, the lights continued to shine, and Meh'al couldn't help but smile up at them. Infuriating as the Spirit Elf was, he brought light and color to the darkness. One thing was certain: with Drayis close, this solstice would be unlike any other.

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