Midnight Snack

Characters: Aric, Nikola
Origin: Rachmaninoff
Advent Day: Day 6 (December 2nd)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3,016


Aric all but stumbled into the penthouse hotel room he was sharing with Nikola, and a laugh bubbled up out of him as he was caught by the man behind him and steadied. He turned and pulled the lad inside by his scarf. "Come in! I'll introduce you to my partner, and then the party can really begin."

"Aric." Nikola's voice cut through the pleasant haze of his mind when he was just a breath away from kissing the man in his arms. He turned and tugged the man forward with him, stumbling again when the man hesitated in order to shut the door. It earned him a raised eyebrow from Nikola. "Are you drunk?"

"Of course not!" Aric laughed, crossing over to Nikola and rising up onto his toes to wrap his arms around Nikola's broad shoulders. "There's this wonderful thing called a contact high. It's this place. Dublin is magic this time of year. Good carolers, good music..."

"Good young men to ensnare?" Nikola questioned with a soft chuckle.

Aric lowered his voice to a whisper. "I know! Isn't he gorgeous? I'd already had a snack, but I couldn't resist him!" The young man cleared his throat, and Aric's cheeks flushed a little as he turned and flashed him an apologetic smile. "God, excuse my bad manners. Nikola, this is Liam. Liam, this is my partner, Nikola, the one I told you about with the amazing cock."

"Even a decade later, you're as crude and crass as ever," Nikola said, ducking his head to nip at Aric's throat.

He couldn't help but moan when Nikola did that. His throat had been sensitive before Nikola had turned him, but ever since? Just that nip made him achingly hard in his jeans. "You wouldn't have me any other way, Count."

Liam shifted on his feet. "If you would rather I go..."

"That accent!" Aric shuddered and reached for Liam. "I love a man with an accent."

Liam stepped forward, his smile a bit more confident. "But does your lover also love a man with an accent?"

Aric grinned and kissed Liam, teasing his lips until Liam deepened the kiss just how he'd wanted. When he pulled back, it was with a purr. "He's learned I know how to pick my midnight snacks. Haven't you, Nikola?"

Nikola slid his hands down to cup Aric's ass, squeeze it. "Aric has quite a taste in men. It's a talent he's spent almost as long honing as his piano playing."

"You play the piano?" Liam asked, lips trailing down Aric's throat.

Aric tilted his head back, his lips brushing against Nikola's as Liam's found his pulse. God, the pleasure was just mind-blowing, and Aric knew tonight would be a hedonistic wet dream for him. The indulging in a third sexually was something Nikola only did on special occasions. Nikola, much to Aric's never-ending enjoyment, didn't like sharing him much. He smiled against Nikola's beautiful mouth, teased the perfect lips with his tongue. "I was tutored by the best," he purred.

Nikola smiled, and he could all but scent the pride Nikola took in that compliment. Nikola had taught him everything there was to know about feeling his music, experiencing lovemaking, and being a vampire. He often failed to give back in kind, even though he did his utmost to ensure Nikola never regretted turning him.

"I bet you have amazing hands, then," Liam said against his pulse with the sexiest Irish lilt Aric had ever heard.

Aric reached up and played with a lock of Nikola's long, blond hair. "I also have an amazing mouth. What do you think? Should Liam feel my mouth first, just to get things started?"

"Your mouth is always an excellent way to begin an evening's festivities," Nikola purred. "Am I to simply watch?"

A smirk curved Aric's lips. "I thought you liked watching."

Nikola nipped at Aric's lip. "To bed with you and Liam."

Aric righted himself, his hungry gaze on Liam, and then he pounced the man, pulling him into a kiss. Nikola would join them, Aric knew, in his own time. It was always the same. Nikola gave him the pleasure of the conquest, of luring the prey, ensnaring the prey, and taking those first sips. It had helped him to learn how to capture mortals' minds, how to bring them pleasure like he remembered Nikola bringing him all those years ago.

He pushed Liam to the bed, their hands pulling at each other's clothing, and Aric practically growled. Hunger clawed at him, tested his resilience. Maybe he should have fed more. Maybe he was just horny as hell. His sex drive still hadn't properly leveled out, and he was beginning to wonder if it ever would. "Going to suck you 'til you scream," Aric panted as he finally got his hands into Liam's pants.

Liam was hard against his palm, slender but long, and he devoured every sound the man made until Liam managed to get them completely naked. Only then did his mouth leave Liam's and start on the path down to his cock, licking and nipping all along the way. "Freckles... Fucking love your freckles," he moaned as he moved past collarbones and down along the center of Liam's body. He took Liam's cock between his lips without a moment's hesitation, sucking him right into his throat.

"Oh, bloody fuck!" Liam cursed, causing Nikola to chuckle from the sidelines.

Nikola finished stripping and climbed on the bed behind Liam, and Liam groaned. "Like a fucking statue, all muscle and pale skin. Don't you ever go—ah!—into the sun?"

"I'm a night owl," Nikola said, voice thick with that Russian accent of his. "The world comes alive at night, and I love to share that time with my precious Aric."

Aric looked up the line of Liam's body and groaned. Nikola was devouring Liam's mouth, his large hands moving over Liam's tanned chest. Aric could smell the blood under Liam's skin, and all he wanted to do was pull back and sink his fangs into Liam's thigh. His teeth itched, but he fought the sensation, focusing entirely on sucking and swallowing Liam while Nikola tormented Liam's mouth and nipples.

He'd been teasing Liam from the moment he'd met the man in the pub. It didn't surprise him when Liam's cock swelled in his mouth, and he sucked even harder, using lips, tongue, teeth, and throat to push him over the edge. Liam's shout echoed in the room, and Aric's mouth was flooded with come. Even come was full of life to Aric, though, and he drank it down hungrily. It made him even more desperate to sink his teeth into Liam, but he had to hold himself in check, do it properly, and he didn't have the concentration at the moment to control Liam's mind.

Even without his otherworldly mind control, Aric wasn't about to let Liam grow soft. They had so much more time to spend with him! He pulled back from Liam's cock with a gasp, stroking the length firmly with his hand, his wrist working to make every gesture pleasurable.

"Aric," Liam moaned, still quivering and supporting himself against Nikola's chest. "Oh, fuck, your mouth is..."

"Exquisite," Nikola finished with a deep purr. "And it only gets better."

Aric grinned as Nikola guided Liam's hand to Nikola's cock. The look on Liam's face was priceless, the wide eyes and open-mouthed awe at Nikola's size. "Do you want to taste him?" Aric asked, rubbing his thumb along the slit of Liam's cock. "Touch him? Feel him spread your ass wide with his cock?"

Liam's eyes fluttered, another moan lilting from the man. "Yeah, God, to feel this in my ass..." He swallowed and looked down at Aric. "What about you?"

"Oh, I think we can manage a position so that all three of us get what we want," Aric murmured, squeezing Liam's cock for a moment. "Nikola, get the lube?" Nikola reached to the bedside table, and Aric kissed back up Liam's body. His lips brushed Liam's. "Hands and knees. I think that's one of the best ways to enjoy Nikola's cock fucking you. He can pound into you, take you deep." He nipped at Liam's lower lip, and the man shivered, dazedly turning until he was on his hands and knees.

It was a good position, one that Aric enjoyed frequently with Nikola, but it wasn't Aric's favorite position. No, he liked when Nikola pressed him to the bed, all that muscle pushing him into the mattress, and fucked him deep and slow, kissing him, biting at him. It was intimacy and intensity Nikola had taught Aric to crave, but in these moments, when it was about fucking and feeding with a third, Aric didn't want such intimacy. Intimacy was saved for when it was just him and Nikola.

Aric watched as Nikola prepared Liam, and the panted curses in that Irish accent made Aric practically melt. They really had to travel abroad more often. By the time Nikola slicked himself and thrust inside Liam, Aric was nearly trembling with need and hunger. His eyes swept over the scene, and even the light sweat on Liam's body made him want to taste the throbbing blood just under the surface of Liam's skin. He looked up along the gorgeous line of Nikola's body, and his breath caught when their eyes met. Damn, but Nikola's pale blue eyes were blazing, and the heat that gaze sent through him went directly to his cock. He leaned down and devoured Liam's mouth, his tongue trying to pull every bit of life he could from the gesture without breaking skin. He felt his teeth start to descend and pulled back before Liam could feel them. "Ready to suck me, Liam?"

"Yes! Oh, fuck, yes!" Liam groaned, his hands clenching tightly at the sheets.

Aric chuckled but kept his smile in check so his fangs wouldn't flash in the lamplight. "Spread your legs wider," he ordered before flopping down on the bed and wiggling his way up between Liam's arms and legs. The sixty-nine position brought him in line with Liam's cock, and he wasted no time, craning his neck to suck Liam inside again. He couldn't take him nearly as deep as before because his fangs refused to stay back, and after a couple minutes of torturing the head while Nikola thrust deep and slow, he finally pulled back. Finding Liam's femoral artery was second nature, and he paused only to stretch that inner power to fog Liam's mind before striking.

Blood trickled hotly into his mouth, his teeth sinking to the perfect depth to make the act linger. He stroked Liam's long cock and enjoyed Liam's groan vibrating around his own shaft. The man tasted of mulled wine and the spice of someone who sought out life at every moment, taking nothing for granted. It was a heady combination, something he always craved and rarely found when he would hunt.

Feeding was as good as sex. When he was mortal, Aric wouldn't have thought anything could be as good as sex, but now... Now, he knew. It made sense to him why Nikola had loved to feed from him whether they were fucking or not. This was an intimacy beyond sex, something life-giving to them and mind-blowingly good for their prey. Nothing compared. He drew on Liam's thigh, and his arousal rode high and hot inside him. He could see Nikola's cock, thick and dark, moving in and out, stretching Liam's hole, and he had that stab of desire for it to be his ass Nikola fucked. Yes, Nikola had fucked him before he'd even gone out tonight, but he could never get enough of his creator.

That was the both the boon and bane of his existence now. He craved Nikola. That bond Nikola had once spoken of between a master and their chosen—when properly made and nurtured—was intense and driving. When he'd gone looking for prey tonight, he'd done it with the intention of impressing Nikola. And now that they had Liam, all he wanted to do was cast the man aside and spread himself for his master. It was as exhilarating as it was frightening.

Liam's mouth came off his cock, and Aric groaned against the bloody wound at Liam's thigh. He could hear Nikola speaking softly in that hypnotic, erotic way he did, but he was too concerned with feeding, with the thickening of the blood that told Aric Liam was close to release. His hand was pushed away from Liam's sex, replaced by Nikola's, and Aric could then let himself drown in the pleasure of feeding.

Liam cried out, and Aric almost pulled back both his mouth and his mind, but then he felt Nikola's power brushing against his own, deepening the spell Liam was under. God, his cock was so fucking hard. Nikola was feeding, too, and Aric loved watching that. He consoled himself with the fact he would get to watch it next time, and then Liam was screaming. Streaks of hot liquid spattered over Aric's chest and stomach as Liam came, and Aric thought he'd also come just from that decadent, wicked sensation.

Liam's moans and grunts lingered for a few seconds as he panted above Aric, but Aric could feel that soothing heat of Nikola's power. Added to his own power, they quickly subdued Liam, and Aric pulled back from the clotting wound just in time to catch a bit of Liam's weight. He chuckled as he wiggled his way out from under Liam's slumped body, but it quickly morphed into a loud groan as he glimpsed Nikola's blood-slicked lips and that icy gaze boring into him.

Aric's pulse thundered in his ears, and Nikola seemed just as rushed as he was to get Liam settled at the far end of the large bed. The moment they'd ensured Liam would sleep through the night, Nikola lunged for him. The power in Nikola's body as it pulled Aric close made him cry out, and Nikola took advantage of that moment, possessing his mouth in a hungry kiss. Liam's blood was the perfect flavor to share, and he submitted eagerly to Nikola.

This was the passion he loved to see in Nikola, but it was a rare thing. Nikola valued his control, his gentleness, and while Aric did love those deep moments of lovemaking, he also hungered for these moments of lustful abandon. His nails scraped over Nikola's pale back as his mouth was utterly plundered, and then Nikola's mouth was at his throat, the teeth scraping at sensitive flesh.

"Facing me or from behind?" Nikola growled, and Aric shuddered. From behind, Nikola could thoroughly fuck him, even bite him, but he wouldn't be able to bite back. Facing Nikola, though, would allow for a hard, deep fuck and they could bite one another. He was torn, and he whined, to which Nikola answered with another, sharper bite to his throat. "Facing me or from behind, Aric? Answer me."

"Facing!" Aric gasped, his hands tugging at Nikola's hair. Nikola's growl was nearly a purr, and he was all but thrown down to the sheets. Nikola's long fingers were inside him a second later, pushing lube up into his body. "Oh, bloody fuck, Nikola! Take me!"

"Not until you're slick." Even in his passion, Nikola was careful never to injure him, and it oftentimes drove Aric nuts.

"I'm slick enough!" Aric writhed, spread his legs wide. "Please!"

Nikola surged forward, took Aric in one, smooth, slick thrust, and Aric thought he'd lose his mind. Sex with Nikola was unlike anything he'd ever experienced, and when they were both high off a feeding? Fuck, he thought he'd come then and there.

Aric's nails dragged over Nikola's skin, leaving behind the most beautiful red lines, flushed with blood they had taken from Liam. His body clenched around Nikola, and he couldn't help but stay on edge as Nikola set a brutal pace, fucking him hard and deep. It was exactly what he'd wanted all night, and every time he cried out, Nikola's teeth gripped tighter at his throat until those fangs extended. Nikola bit, and the moment of pain was washed away by the sheer pleasure of sharing blood with his creator. There was nothing more personal, more mind-blowing than feeding while fucking with Nikola. His hands yanked at Nikola's hair, and he ignored Nikola's growl in order to crane his neck and strike with his own fangs. The moment Nikola's pulse opened up to him and spilled over his tongue, the circuit between them was complete, and he cried out wetly over Nikola's skin as he bucked and came hard.

Only mere moments passed before Nikola groaned and shook above him, and Aric felt the wet warmth of come flood his ass. When he pulled back from Nikola's throat, his mind swam like he'd had too much alcohol. It was amazing, his heart hammering with the borrowed life from Liam, and he combed his fingers through Nikola's hair as his lover licked at the bite at his throat.

"I love you," Aric slurred.

Nikola moaned, bringing their lips together as he rocked in and out of Aric, prolonging their shared pleasure. "I love you, too," he murmured into their bloody kisses.

It took several minutes for their raging pulses to slow down, but they stayed intimately synchronized with one another, and just the sound of their hearts beating as one brought a purr from Aric's throat. It was moments like these, with their bodies close and their pulses aligned, that assured Aric that his choice to become Nikola's eternal companion had been spot on. He might have lost the life-giving blood they both now needed to survive, but the bond they had gained was even more valuable. The sacrifice of his humanity had been well worth the eternity with Nikola that stretched before them. They shared a bond that would outlast all their flings with people like Liam. While human life was fleeting, their love would last forever.

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