Immortal Symphony: Overture

Immortal Symphony: Overture Cover

You think you know the story of Dorian Gray, but you're wrong. The real story didn't end the way Oscar Wilde penned; in fact, it hasn't ended at all. The ageless beauty of Dorian Gray walks now in our world of cellphones and lattes and internet porn. His latest conquest is Gabriel Lawrence, a paranormal investigator with a secret or two of his own. But the trouble with a life as long as Dorian's is that the skeletons are threatening to overrun the closet... and not all of them want to stay dead.

Season 1: Overture introduces Gabriel to the truth of a world he had only suspected, where ghost hunting is the least of his worries. And at the heart of it all is the mysterious and fascinating Dorian Gray, as though he'd stepped out of the pages of the book bearing his name. But if he has, he hasn't come through alone. And this figure from a past Dorian had though long behind him bears a grudge nurtured for a hundred years and intends to tear down everything Dorian has built, a piece at a time.

Episode 1: A Meeting of Fate
Gabriel Lawrence, a paranormal investigator from America, finds himself in London chasing down a supposedly haunted artifact. While there, he meets a man who calls himself Dorian Gray, who may not match the description from that famous story, but certainly has the attitude. And the seduction. And because ghost hunting isn't exactly a lucrative venture, Dorian's invitation into his world of opulence, decadence, and wealth may just prove too tempting for Gabriel to resist!

Episode 2: Life of the Party
Gabriel's first glimpse into Dorian's lifestyle was only the beginning, and now he finds himself tumbling further down the rabbit hole. Dorian's birthday party introduces Gabriel to some of Dorian's friends, all as free-spirited and debauched as Dorian himself. Through them, he learns that he isn't the first that Dorian has drawn into his web this way, not even the hundred-and-first. And yet somehow, all of Gabriel's concerns instantly seem strangely inconsequential at Dorian's slightest touch, fueling Michael's fears that there is so much more to Dorian than they could guess.

Episode 3: Ghost in the Closet
The aftermath of Dorian's party leaves Gabriel and Michael reeling, and both become more determined than ever to wring some answers from this so-called 'Dorian Gray'. Dorian's continued hedging, though, pushes Michael beyond his limits, forcing him to reveal his presence. But what he could never have predicted is that Dorian isn't at all surprised...

Episode 4: Shadow from the Past
The mystery of Dorian Gray continues to unfold when a presumed-dead figure from Dorian's past resurfaces, very much alive. But the reunion is anything but amiable, when his old "friend" decides to renew their acquaintance via something of a much higher caliber than simply sending flowers.

Episode 5: Going to Ground
Hiding from Lord Henry Wotton has cost Dorian his wealth and daily conveniences, but it has thrust him into a domestic situation with his latest conquest. Gabriel tries to make the best of a bad situation, and night of surprises offers him and his twin an insight into the enigma that is Dorian Gray.

Episode 6: Homecoming
In the season finale, the threat of Lord Henry brings Dorian, Gabriel, and Michael back to Scotland for a final confrontation with the older and more powerful magus. All three must find new reserves of strength within themselves if they intend to come through the showdown unscathed.