Alpha's Pride

Advent: Collected Shorts Cover

The tradition of the Advent calendar goes back as far as the beginning of the 19th century. Special calendars were produced, counting down the days until Christmas, usually with a small poem or gift accompanying each day. The authors of this collection of erotic fiction bring a steamy twist to that practice, by offering a new never-before-released short for each day of the holiday season. These are a mixture of additional and "deleted" scenes from existing works, as well as previews of works in progress. After Christmas, these twenty-nine individual shorts will be bundled together and sold as this single release. In addition, Advent: Collected Shorts also includes seventeen additional stories and shorts that will not be released as part of the Advent event, and are only available in this collection!

Here's just a sampling of the characters you'll find included here:
Kasper and Logan from Catalyst
Hadi and Judas from The Keeper
Aric and Nikola from Rachmaninoff
Aneira and Sasha from Sacrifices
Aaron and Travis from Surrender
Malachi and Phinn from Breaking Point
... plus dozens more!