About the Author

Kris currently lives in Tampa, Florida, but misses the snowy mountains of her hometown. After studying in three different states and graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Kinesiological Sciences, Kris pursued a career in therapeutic bodywork and massage.

Along with co-author S.L. Armstrong, she helped found Storm Moon Press as well as RainbowCon, an annual celebration of QUILTBAG artistic diversity. They have also co-authored and released several books together, including Catalyst, Immortal Symphony: Overture, and their illustrated novel, Making Ends Meet.

Kris enjoys writing in the high fantasy and paranormal/supernatural genres, adding her own homoerotic, and often kinky, flair to her fiction. She's passionate about writing and publishing all over the QUILTBAG spectrum, including trans* and genderqueer characters, with whom she closely identifies.

In her spare time, Kris also enjoys hoopdancing, musical theatre, and circus arts. She's a huge Tolkien fan, with a particular fondness for the Elves of the First Age (Gwindor and Daeron are long-time headcanon faves). Her love of the human body and its endless possibilities bleeds into nearly every facet of her life. All she’s missing is a beau to admire up close and personal. Or two. The more the merrier.

She loves to hear from her readers, who can e-mail her at KPiet@kpiet.net.