Welcome to K. Piet's Musings

September 13th, 2013:

Big changes here! Thanks to my co-author, S.L. Armstrong for the new look and the awesome update!

Updates to Books:

  • Sadly, the Wild Passions and Daughters of Artemis anthologies have gone out of print.
  • The serial novel Immortal Symphony: Overture is now available!
  • The short story On the Edge is now available!
  • The novel Making Ends Meet is now available!
  • The anthology Devil's Night is now available!
  • The anthology Fraternal Devotion is now available!

Additions to WIPs:

  • I've added Immortal Symphony: Counterpoint to WIPs!

Changes to Contact Page:

  • Conventions have been updated for the remainder of 2013 and for 2014. Hope to see you at an event!

August 15th, 2012:

Look for my short story "On the Edge" in Storm Moon Press' upcoming anthology, Fraternal Devotion!

Updates to Books:

  • Updated prices on each book. Many have dropped down! Check them out!
  • Cast the Cards is now marked Out of Print.

Updates to WIPs:

  • The working title to my novel, Mae, has been changed and finalized as Making Ends Meet.
  • Making Ends Meet will be my first illustrated novel! S.L. Armstrong and I are so excited!

Updates to About Section

  • Added images! I also figured out the coding for padding around images. Woot!

July 5th, 2012:

Lots of exciting things this update! Mae is now complete and in editing! Here are the site updates!

Additions to Books:

  • The FREE short story Jungle Law is now available for download!
  • The FREE short story An Angel's Soul is now available for download!
  • The short story collection Love and Agony is now available for purchase!
  • The short story Surrender has new cover art. :)

Additions to Freebies:

  • My free short stories have been added: Advent: Collected Shorts, An Angel's Soul, Breaking Point, Jungle Law, and Playing Doctor! Enjoy!

April 25th, 2012:

Whew! Another huge update complete. I've been such a bad author, not updating frequently. I hope all the new content makes up for it! Check out all the changes below and enjoy!

Additions to Books:

  • The short story The Fire of Her Eyes is now available for purchase!
  • The FREE short story Playing Doctor is now available through Storm Moon Press!
  • Advent: Collected Shorts is now available for purchase (includes 17 exclusive shorts in addition to the Advent 2011 freebies)
  • The short story Alpha's Pride is now available for purchase!

Additions to WIPs:

  • I've separated my WIPs into Active and Back Burner sections, so you'll know what's high on the priority list!
  • I've added 52 Weeks, Mae, and Stalemate: Pawns I to the Active WIPs

Additions to Freebies:

  • All 29 free short stories from my Advent 2011 project with S.L. Armstrong have been added to the Freebies! Huge range of themes, pairings/orientations, and content. Just shy of 100,000 words, all for free!

Additions to Contact:

  • I've added the basic dates and locations of the conventions I'll be attending in 2012!